Falcon gave me an idea...here are my top 5 best/worst trades for the year in my opinion. They are best/worst because one person ended up getting a much better deal than the other party.

#5-gofer gets Storley-6th at ncaas from tlv for zehner

#4-Dutch gets Vinson-3rd at ncaas and Hickman-r12 from gofer for Von ohlen-r12 and luvsandorj

#3-gofer gets Vinson-3rd at ncaas fro. Payton for Swartz

#2-Dutch gets dsj-2nd at ncaas and toal-big 12 champ from snackem for zanetta-r12 and booth

#1-Payton gets megaludis-2nd at ncaas from snackem for mele.

May have missed some good ones, let me know if I did. I found it interesting that with all of the champs that Russ traded for, the other person definitely got a lot of value.