Feeling a little withdrawal, figured I would start this up: My best picks are based on NCAA performance since that is what matters most. In some instances I included guys who had a better all around season if I felt it was warranted. My worst picks are mostly guys that got injured or redshirted.

Round 1

Best Pick-David Taylor(Lost)-Won everything there is to win and just about single handedly won the NCAA's for Lost

Worst Pick-Cayle Byers(MOJO)-Lot to give up for a 3rd place finisher who missed a lot of the season.

Interesting note-Of the 14 picks in Round 1, 12 were finalists(Flores and Byers were not)

Round 2

Best Pick-Steiber(Grips)-NCAA champ, Big Ten Champ scores bonus

Worst Picks-Scotti Sentes(Dutch)/Andrew Alton(TLV)-Both guys Redshirted which is a killer this high in the draft

Round 3

Best Picks-Bosak(Grips)/Nelson(TLV)-Both were NCAA Champs and had several guys in their weights picked ahead of them

Worst Pick-Jason Chamberlain(Gofer)-Redshirts and back-up didn't provide much help

Round 4

Best Pick-Dylan Ness(Lost)-NCAA Runner-up who scored a lot of bonus throughout the year.

Worst Pick-Scott Winston(Grips)-Missed time during the season and another disappointing NCAA performance. Makes me wonder if he will ever AA.

Round 5

Best Pick-Bekzod Abdurakhmanov(Payton)-3rd at NCAA's and a bonus machine during the season

Worst Pick-Zac Thomusseit(Wiltz)-Competed in 5 matches

Round 6

Best Pick-Matt Wilps(Grips)-Wins the EWL over Honeycutt and places 4th in the NCAA's

Worst Pick-Kyven Gadson(Zapp)-Competed in one match

Round 7

Best Pick-Nico Megaludis(MOJO)-Strictly based on NCAA performance, but for the entire season I would give the nod to Maple(Lost)

Worst Pick-Chris Spangler(TLV)-Missed most of the season and was not able to compete at NCAA's

Round 8

Best Pick-Bobby Telford(Zapp)-5th at NCAA's and was a good point scorer during the season

Worst Pick-Jason Lara(MOJO)-Did not compete for OSU this year

Round 9

Best Pick-Trotman(Dutch)-Had the most wins of any 184 during the season and finished 3rd at the NCAA's, beating the 1, 2, and 3 seeds. I will admit, didn't see it coming!!!!

Worst Pick-Wolfensberger(Gofer)-Redshirts

Round 10

Best Pick-Vinson(Payton)-Bonus point machine during the year and wins 7 matches, mostly with bonus on his way back to 3rd at the NCAA's

Worst Pick-Benefiel(Zapp)-Did not compete

Interesting note-This round included-Vinson-3rd, Marion-2nd, McMullan-3rd

Round 11

Best Pick-Hunter Steiber(Lost)-Another steal for Lost, places 6th at NCAA's, only guy to beat Russell, just a solid pick up

Worst Pick-Jantzen(Trusty)-Hurt most the season and Inj Def's out of the NCAA's

Interesting note-The best pick of next year's draft may be in this round if Kilgore goes on to win another title next year for Dutch!

Round 12

Best Pick-Carter(Jensen)-Scores a ton of bonus, finishes 5th, great prospect keeper!

Worst Pick-Nelson/Johnston-Did not compete

Round 13

Best Pick-Ramos(Zapp)-3rd place at NCAA's, runner-up at Big Tens, solid scorer and keeper

Worst Picks-Dunnett(Dart)-Only two wins on the season

Round 14

Best Pick-Kyle Blevins(Zapp)-Solid scorer all year who surprises with a 4th place finish

Worst Pick-Macchiaroli(Jensen)-See all of the above

Round 15

Best Pick-McCormick(Dutch)-After the terrible pick in the 2nd round, McCormick was more than serviceable as the second to last pick in the draft

Worst Pick-Too many to count

Just my thoughts, feel free to rip them to shreds!