How are you guys liking your draws? I think mine are pretty good for the most part.

125: #4 Brandon Precin
Some tough but unspectacular kids in the first two rounds like Mustari and Martinez, who he should beat. THen #5 Falck in the quarters who I think is a much better matchup for him then D-hoe/Nickerson/Esco

133: #5 Andrew Hochstrasser
Hutter and then #12 bell who he already beat pretty good this year. He draws Dennis in the quarters, definitely not a great matchup but honestly I dont think there is such a thing as an easy quarterfinal at 133 this year so I really have no issue with that.

141: #6 Nick Gallick
Gallick really lucked out by losing to hoehn in B12 imo. Somehow Jaggers defied logic and got the #3 seed and so Gallick should meet him in the quarters. In my opinion Jaggers is a MUCH better matchup for Gallick then Hoehn/Tshirts who are the #4 and #5. If he gets past Jaggers its likely Tanelli in the semis, not a great match but it is the semifinals after all.

149: #3 Darrion Caldwell
No first round pin for me but 149 is weak enough where I dont think there could have been a bad draw for Caldwell. He avoids Terry who is the only guy to beat him this year or really even threaten him. If ptax makes the quarters that is a guy who could potentially catch him, but last time they met DC pinned him in like 10 seconds.

157: #4 Gregor Gillespie
Losing in his conference tourney REALLY hurt him... he now draws O'connor in the quarters instead of a guy like Moley/Chandler/Hall all of whom are much better matchups for him. He also gets burroughs in the semis who I think is the worst match out of the top 3 for him. Rough stuff, but we all knew 157 was going to be crazy in the quarters/semis this year. He will take 5th or 6th at worst I think

165: #4 Moza Fay
I think 165 is really underrated in terms of depth this year. Fay has a relatively easy draw to the quarters where he gets #5 Marable. I actually think MArable is back in his old form so despite his earlier win over Marable I dont particularly like this matchup, but there really are no easy quarterfinal draws at 165 so I cant complain.

Unfortunately he is on Lewnes side of the bracket and not Howes so I dont think he has much of a chance at the finals, but 3rd is definitely possible.

174: #5 Raymond Jordan
Tough draw for Ray J, he gets J-bo in the quarters who has beaten him already this year instead of anceravage or Browne, both of whom I think he would beat. Even worse he is on Lukes side of the bracket so that nixes any chance of the Luke vs Jordan final I had hoped for. Probably my worst draw out of all my weights. 2nd Round against #12 Lucas isnt a cakewalk either, but he has already beaten Alton this year and I think he does it again.

184: #6 Josh Patterson
Actually this one is pretty rough too, #11 Caputo in the 2nd. I think PAtterson can beat Caputo, but out of the #8 through #12 guys Josh is undefeated against #8, #9, and #10. All of those guys as well as #12 Jones would have been better draws for him, Caputo is an uncertainty for me.

197: #4 Tyrel Todd
I think Todd got absolutely shafted here but I have no complaints whatsoever because I LOVE his draw. #5 Herbst in the quarters who he beat convincly in the B10 finals, and then #1 Brester in the semis. Brester vs Todd is a great match that I could see going either way, but its a MUCH better match then drawing varner in the semis, which Todd would have if he had gotten the #3 seed.

HVY: US Rashard Goff
Goff has a nice first round draw in Mclean/Everhart, but then gets #2 Ellis in the 2nd round. I think his success is extremely dependent on what the wrestleback brackets look like. I think he has a decent shot of AAing this year, but I'm pretty much rolling blind unless I can see who he would get in the consis.

OR #5 Konrad Dudziak
If dudziak was 100% this would be an amazing draw for him, as he should beat the first two guys handily. In the quarters he would get #4 Rosholt, who he has already beaten this year (yes I know that he technically didnt win, but if you watched the match you know what I mean). Unfortunately his knee is really questionable and its uncertain if he'll be able to perform over the course of multiple days.

I'm really on the fence as to who to start here. I would have gone with Dudziak for sure, but Goff winning EWL's really has me high on him here. I wish they had the conso brackets out so we could see who wrestles who in the wrestlebacks.

#6 Jake Patacsil
Ptax inexcplicably gets the #6 Seed over a guy that beat him head to head. I actually would have liked the #7 spot better as I think Borschoff would be a much easier match for him then Brown. Its also too bad he didnt beat ruschell in those last two crazy matches they had because #5 is a nice spot as well.

As things stand I think his draw is pretty average, Brown is definitely a tough match but I think Ptax can and probably will win. People underestimate him because he is fairly one dimensional, but if you look at his record over the past 2 years he is actually pretty damn consistent. Almost all of his losses have come to top 10 guys and he holds wins over Ruschell, Kinser, Fisch, Lang, Palmer, and Churella.

OR #7 Mike Miller

First round he has the guy who upset Lucas in the CAA finals, I dont really know anything about him but Lucas is a quality win, so probably not an easy matchup considering its an unseeded guy. In the 2nd round he has Brenner who he should have no problems beating. Unfortunately he runs into Cannon in the quarters, who has already beaten him twice this year. Another case where I would really like to see the consis to see who he would have to match up against.

I'm on the fence for this one too although I'm Leaning towards Ptax because I think he is getting it done this year and scores mad bonus. Being able to see who miller will get in the consis would make it a much easier decision to make