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Thread: Brackets and your Team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gripsnhips View Post
    Flores from columbia is not a freshman
    I stand corrected -one of the ranking sites has him listed as a freshman when he is in fact a sophomore .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiltz View Post
    125 #10 Scott Sentes get Zoetewey (CSUB) if he wins he get Joey Fio

    Not a great draw. If he wins those two he gets Nickerdoodles.

    133 Jimmy Kennedy get a pigtail with David Marble(Bucknell). VomBaur is waiting and then Mitcheff. Not a bad draw.

    141 Sulzer gets Gallick tough draw

    149 Matthew Kyler gets Waddel and then Terry. tough 2nd round match

    157 Michael Chandler really tough draw Kinser, Pami, Leen

    165 Colt Sponseller Garvin, Stewart, Morningstar. Not loving this draw either

    174 Borschel gets Onufer, Perry/Meys, Ray Jordan, Luke

    184 Keddy gets Moran, Flynn/Caldwell, Umbehauer/Honeycutt, Pucillo . Nobody Keddy can't beat on this side.

    197 Beatty - Foster, Byers, Brester Not a great draw

    Hwt Erekson gets Fernandez, Flores/Berhow, and the bottom half of the bracket is brutal with, Goff, Sheaffer, Ellis with Porter on the top side.

    Flex Flores see Erekson
    Sentes should get past Z , then he has beaten Fio 7-2 earlier then he has some trouble -but a 6 foot 125 has a lot of advantages .

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    Default Re: Brackets and your Team

    125: #9 Tyler Clark ISU: 2nd round matchup with Peterkin, then Donahoe. If he loses that, could end up with Nicholson or Sentes on the backside.

    133: #12 Steve Bell Maryland: Kubec first round, then Hoch, if he manages to get that far, Dennis is next. If he loses to Hoch, he could have Beebe on the backside then Ness or Kennedy.

    141: #7 Chris Drouin ASU: Should see Thorn 2nd round, then Tanelli. If he gets past Tanelli, Gallick or Jaggers is wating in the semis. If he loses to Tanelli, should have 1 easy backside match then could run into either Jantzen or Williams.

    149: #12 Trevor Chinn Lehigh: Tough draw with Yates 1st round, then Ruschell 2nd round. If he loses to Ruschell, he could run into Patacsil in the 2nd consolation match.

    157: #1 Jordan Burroughs Nebraska: No problems until the semis where Gillespie should be waiting.

    165: US Dan Vallimont Penn State: Tough, tough draw, but he is coming on lately. Mason, Reader, and Lewnes first 3 rounds.

    174: #6 Steve Anceravage Cornell: Has James first round, the Quentin Wright, and Browne in the quarters.

    184: #1 Jake Herbert Northwestern: Nuff said.

    197: #11 Andrew Anderson UNI: Simaz then Askren. If he loses to Askren, he will have tough consolation matches all the way to placing, that quater bracket is pretty good.

    285: #6 Mitch Monteiro Cal State-Bakersfield: Tough draw, with Fendone, Rey, and Porter.

    Flex: #11 165 Trevor Stewart CMU: Should have Sponsellor 2nd round, if he loses that, he could see AMUCHASTEGUI!!!!!!

    Don't really like my draws, I don't really have the horses anyway, though.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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