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Thread: Supplemental Draft Thread #2: Lost/Jensen/R.Payton

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    Default Supplemental Draft Thread #2: Lost/Jensen/R.Payton

    Now that I've gotten the standings from the prior week put together we can go ahead and get started with the second supplemental draft.

    It will follow the same rules as the one back in December. You'll drop a guy and then select another guy, or you can pass. You can pick up someone that someone else drops. With just 13 possible picks we should be able to make our way through this relatively quickly.

    Order is set in the reverse of the current standings.

    1. Falcon: Drops: Max Thomusseit (184), Selects: Chris Dardanes (133)
    2. TLV: Drops: Cole Schmitt (149), Selects: Danny Zilverburg (157)
    3. Wiltz: Drops: Zac Thomusseit (285), Selects: Joe Colon (133)
    4. Snackem: Drops: Derek Garcia (165), Selects: Matt Ryan (184)
    5. Mojo: Drops: Eric Terrazas (149), Selects: Blake Rosholt (197)
    6. Zapp: Drops: Michael Kelly (149), Selects: Matt Gibson (285)
    7. Grips: Drops: Taylor Walsh (149), Selects: Chase Smith (141)
    8. Trusty: Drops: Pass, Selects: Pass
    9. Gofer: Drops: Jake Deitchler (157), Selects: Kelby Smith (197)
    10. Dutch: Drops: Scott Sentes (133), Selects: Mike Kessler (141)
    11. Lost: Drops:, Selects:
    12. Jensen: Drops: Ty Mitch (125), Selects: Odie Delaney (285)
    13. R.Payton: Drops:, Selects: Conrad Polz (165)
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