Since we seem to be hard pressed to fill the Fantasy League to the at least 14 that I'm looking for, I've decided to make an alteration to the money rule.

The money rule is now going to be optional, if we still have people who are actually interested in playing for money I'll still set up the paypal account. If you don't pay, then if you win all you'll get to do is give a sig to the losers for month. If you pay and win, you'll get the money, and give a sig to the losers. If a person who doesn't pay wins, then I'll refund the money to those that paid at the conclusion of the league.

Champ, I'm going to put you back down for the league, let me know if you still want in. At least three spots are left, and I'll extend the number to five if there is still interest. Those of you that have said yes to the money, I'd like it if you'd check in here, as to whether or not you still want to play for money.

I've set a very, very tentative draft date for Thursday, November 1 at 9 pm Eastern.

I'll put this in the stickied Fantasy League thread as well.