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Thread: Congrats to stiffy!!!!

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    Default Congrats to stiffy!!!!

    Not only does he get the wildcard but he gets it easily with over 240 points

    My calculations might not be perfect but I have him down for 244 which is more then enough to clinch the spot. He might have even beaten ISU for #4 for the week, pending the official calculations from our mighty commish.

    Not only that but not only that, but he had not one, not two, but THREE of the top scoring wrestlers this week.

    (Grips)Metcalf with 38
    Nickerson with 37
    (Gofer) Craig with 35
    Cathell with 34
    (Wiltz) Flores with 34
    Leen with 33
    (Wiltz) Erekson with 32
    I cant say for sure that no one else scored 3 pins or more and won their conference tourney, but I was following this weekend pretty closely and I sure dont remember it.

    From dead last to NCAA qualifier Way to go buddy!
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