Thought it would be fun to see how everyone feels about their team after the Supplemental Draft:

Team Redshirt

125-Snyder and Mele-Hoping one of the two can get on the podium and would be ecstatic if they both were able to AA. Schedules compliment and I think both have the potential to be a low AA

133-McCormick and Sentes(Keselrig)-McCormick has looked good, not sure if he is ready to be an AA. I think he can be a round of 12 guy for me and score some points at the NCAA's. Sentes has killed me this year, losing my #2 pick was rough, but Keselrig has been decent and scored me some points, he will be a non factor come NCAA time, but may be a MAC champ or finalist

141-Russell-He will be top 3 and hopefully puts together a run down the stretch with a Big 10 and NCAA championship

149-Vinson and Lester-Vinson has been scoring and has a shot to AA, but I could also see him not placing after last year's performance. I think he will be better prepared this year. Lester is tough on top, not sure if he is good enough on his feet yet but I like his schedule and he will score some points

157-Hickman-He has looked great and actually worked a camp I ran over the summer and seems to be a really nice kid. I am hoping he can get on the podium and win the EWL. Nice win over Fleming has me hopeful, but it's wins in March that count!

165-Toal and Booth-Toal has been a little bit of a disappointment, I was hoping for more out of him by now. He win matches he should , but doesn't score a lot of bonus and doesn't have any signature wins. He will be a long shot to AA, but hopefully is a round of 12. Booth was added to compliment Toal's schedule and should score me some good points during Toal's off weeks.

174-Lofthouse-He is hot and cold. I am hopeful Brands has him ready for Midlands and the March. I could see him as a high to mid AA or not place at all. I think he will do his best work in March!

184-Trotman-He is a workhorse with a great schedule. I would love to see him get a low AA, but more likely a round of 12 at best.

197-Kennedy and Kilgore(Witt)-Kennedy has looked ok, but has a lot of close matches which worries me. Kilgore was drafted for next year, but Witt has been more than serviceable. He has a win over Haynes for Mizzou, but also has a lot of losses. He is currently ranked #1 in the MAC which may come in handy come conference time.

HWT-Frey-Frey has been OK, I would like to see him get a win over some top 15 HWT's before I get hopeful of a low AA or even Round of 12 finish, but who knows maybe he is this year's Spencer Myers...probably not, but it is a time for hope!

Overall-I am pleased with my team's performance thus far considering I had Sentes/Kilgore/Stephens redshirt and Dong get hurt. I think I have a decent shot to make top 5 and get into the tournament, but I do not have the horses to make noise come NCAA time. I guess I have a couple months to try and work some Russ magic and get a couple finalists for guys that don't make the tournament!!!