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Discuss Mid Year Team Assessment at the Fantasy League Schlottke within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Thought it would be fun to see how everyone feels about their team after the ...
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    Default Mid Year Team Assessment

    Thought it would be fun to see how everyone feels about their team after the Supplemental Draft:

    Team Redshirt

    125-Snyder and Mele-Hoping one of the two can get on the podium and would be ecstatic if they both were able to AA. Schedules compliment and I think both have the potential to be a low AA

    133-McCormick and Sentes(Keselrig)-McCormick has looked good, not sure if he is ready to be an AA. I think he can be a round of 12 guy for me and score some points at the NCAA's. Sentes has killed me this year, losing my #2 pick was rough, but Keselrig has been decent and scored me some points, he will be a non factor come NCAA time, but may be a MAC champ or finalist

    141-Russell-He will be top 3 and hopefully puts together a run down the stretch with a Big 10 and NCAA championship

    149-Vinson and Lester-Vinson has been scoring and has a shot to AA, but I could also see him not placing after last year's performance. I think he will be better prepared this year. Lester is tough on top, not sure if he is good enough on his feet yet but I like his schedule and he will score some points

    157-Hickman-He has looked great and actually worked a camp I ran over the summer and seems to be a really nice kid. I am hoping he can get on the podium and win the EWL. Nice win over Fleming has me hopeful, but it's wins in March that count!

    165-Toal and Booth-Toal has been a little bit of a disappointment, I was hoping for more out of him by now. He win matches he should , but doesn't score a lot of bonus and doesn't have any signature wins. He will be a long shot to AA, but hopefully is a round of 12. Booth was added to compliment Toal's schedule and should score me some good points during Toal's off weeks.

    174-Lofthouse-He is hot and cold. I am hopeful Brands has him ready for Midlands and the March. I could see him as a high to mid AA or not place at all. I think he will do his best work in March!

    184-Trotman-He is a workhorse with a great schedule. I would love to see him get a low AA, but more likely a round of 12 at best.

    197-Kennedy and Kilgore(Witt)-Kennedy has looked ok, but has a lot of close matches which worries me. Kilgore was drafted for next year, but Witt has been more than serviceable. He has a win over Haynes for Mizzou, but also has a lot of losses. He is currently ranked #1 in the MAC which may come in handy come conference time.

    HWT-Frey-Frey has been OK, I would like to see him get a win over some top 15 HWT's before I get hopeful of a low AA or even Round of 12 finish, but who knows maybe he is this year's Spencer Myers...probably not, but it is a time for hope!

    Overall-I am pleased with my team's performance thus far considering I had Sentes/Kilgore/Stephens redshirt and Dong get hurt. I think I have a decent shot to make top 5 and get into the tournament, but I do not have the horses to make noise come NCAA time. I guess I have a couple months to try and work some Russ magic and get a couple finalists for guys that don't make the tournament!!!

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    Default Re: Mid Year Team Assessment

    125: After dumping Mark Rappo who had yet to even step on the mat this year I'm going rolling into the second half with Ty Mitch as my guy here. He came out on a really fast start but has seemingly been hurt for a while. Hoping we see him return this week at Midlands but even if he doesn't Eric Spjut provides a good replacement to get back up points.

    133: Steady as she goes here with Devin Carter. Has been in the top 5 all year and scores a ton of bonus points wrestling the schedule that he does.

    141: I wasn't happy when Michael Mangrum wound up as my 5th round pick, thought I went in way too high but was out of options. Turns out I was wrong. He's been great so far winning Vegas and then finishing as a runner up at Reno. Phenomenal schedule.

    149: Looking at his results Mario Mason finally looks like he's started to score points this year. Given his great schedule this new out burst of scoring has been especially appreciated. Was really impressed with Ian Miller's results early in the year and was super happy to see him slip to #11 in the supplemental.

    157: Corey Mock makes the second consecutive year that I've taken a North Carolina middleweight who hasn't performed like I initially expected them to. Just doesn't seem to have made the leap. Has scored points for me, given his ability on top he's run up scores on the back side of several tournament brackets. In the initial draft I debated between taking Mock and Jackson Morse so I was happy to see Morse available in the supplemental. Hoping Mark Perry is working his magic there.

    165: Josh Asper has been exactly what I thought I was getting when I drafted him here. Great schedule, lots of bonus points, super steady performance. I still think he's the runner up at 165 this year which counters my opinion last year when I doubted him for a long time. Nick Sulzer has been alright as a back up but I thought he was an AA coming into the year and he doesn't seem like that guy.

    174: Until he got hurt at Las Vegas Nick Amuchastegui was wrestling awesome. Seemed like he really built on his run to the finals last year and was just killing guys especially on top. Hoping he's able to get back soon. I was high on Lee Munster last year and thought he'd be really tough here in this cleared out weight class but for whatever reason he hasn't wrestled like I expected him to this year.

    184: While Chris Perry's low scores in matches seem to indicate lack of Jordan Oliver Summer Camp attendance he's definitely improved his wrestling this year. Wins a lot of matches super ugly but he's winning and overall I'm happy that I was able to get him where I did.

    197: Brent Haynes is probably my least favorite guy on my team right now. Too many losses in duals so far this year to guys who in my mind he shouldn't be losing to at this point. Had Alfonso Hernandez fallen to me in the third round of the supplemental I'd have probably dumped Haynes.

    285: Mike McMullan has been decent. He hasn't been as good as I thought he was going to be, but he hasn't been a train wreck either. Hasn't put together a tournament yet but he's been solid in duals.

    Overall: I feel pretty good about this team. Assuming my guys don't roll over and die over the next two weeks I feel like I'll be back in the playoffs again. Would put my line up of Mitch, Carter, Mangrum, Mason, Morse, Asper, Amuchastegui, Perry, Haynes, McMullan, and Miller up against most teams in the league if it came to that. Sulzer and Munster provide nice trade pieces to possibly play with over the second half as well.
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    Default Re: Mid Year Team Assessment

    Alphonso Hernandez would not have made it back around to you in the 3rd Round, just saying.

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    Default Re: Mid Year Team Assessment

    125: Nic Bedeylon
    Nic was one of my early picks and I would say he has performed up to my expectations. Other then one bad loss to Waters, he's undefeated on the year with wins over Perelli, Delgado, Bonanno, and Patterson. I dont think he's a title threat but he should be a conference champ and mid-to high level AA. He's also been a MONSTER point scorer this year, and is one of the reasons I'm in first.

    133: Frank Martelotti
    Jury is still out on this guy since he was ineligible all of first semester he did take one loss wrestling at the PSU open, but performed well on the backside. I had high hopes for this guy, we'll see how he turns out.

    141: Kendric Maple
    Continuing my tradition of picking underrated 141s late, Maple was one of my sleepers coming into this year and I'm feeling really good about him so far. Granted, he hasn't wrestled any of the top guns yet, but he's looked phenomenal in every match I've seen him, and thoroughly dominated some really tough guys. I actually dont believe he has given up an offensive point this year yet

    141: Hunter Stieber
    Yea, I feel pretty good about this one :P Logan is the one who got all the buzz, but Hunter was quite the stud in highschool too, and he's proving it in college as well, having already beaten defending champ Kellen Russell as a true freshman. I don't think he's going to be making a title run quite yet, but I expect a strong AA performance, and possibly a repeat place on my fantasy team next year.

    149: Dylan Ness
    Dylan has been a mild dissapointment to date

    157: Josh Demas
    I would say Demas is slightly below expectations as well. While he is having a fine season for himself, he has racked up a few losses against guys I would have hoped he would beat. I still think he is talented and might even have a shot at AA this year, but its more likely he is a year or two away.

    157: Matt Lester
    A guy I initially drafted at 149 to shore up Ness's poor schedule. He moved up to 157 and I traded him to Gofer. He's been pretty good this year I think, and is top 10 in most polls.

    157: Jedd Moore
    Moore looked pretty average and didn't get in my lineup much, so I dumped him

    165: David Taylor

    While Taylor has been every bit of the super stud I knew he would be this year, I've been a little dissapointed in his points production. Of course, thats mostly a result of PSU's schedule, since DT has techfalled or pinned everyone he has wrestled, with the exception of a major decision over Steve Fittery.

    174: Nick "Decision" Heflin
    Heflin carries on a long and proud tradition of extremely boring AA caliber 174s in the Big ten. I dont know what it is, but this weight class seems to attract a lot of real snoozers, and Heflin fits right in. He's won every match this year but one, but out of his 16 wins, only one has come by bonus. Yeesh

    184: Nate Schiedel
    Been rock solid for me. While he's not going to fool anyone into thinking he is an AA, he's actually the #3 scorer on my team, behind only Honeycutt and Bedelyon

    197: Chris Honeycutt
    What a stud! Honeycutt was a great use of one of my early picks, and I've been super happy to have him on my team. He's looking like a serious title contender and has absolutely dummied most of the guys he's wrestled

    197: Morgan McinTosh
    Morgan hasn't quite had his one breakout moment yet, but thats because we haven't gotten to see PSU against too many real teams. He had Yohn beaten and lost the match with only a few seconds left. I'm confident he'll see the podium this year

    HVY: Nick Gwazawadakwadasowski
    Nick's been great, very solid prospect, scores a lot of points and pins a lot of people. He's very undersized for heavy and is also a true freshman. He hasn't scored a marquee win yet this year, and I don't know that he's an AA contender, but a solid guy none-the-less

    HVY: Wait... did I draft another heavyweight?? Nope, I don't remember that
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    Default Re: Mid Year Team Assessment

    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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    Default Re: Mid Year Team Assessment

    This is by far and away the least amount of time I've spent on fantasy wrestling . I don't even know 1/2 my guys records. I still feel ( up to this point0 my team can compete with most and hopefully I can pull myself together and make some improvements .
    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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