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Thread: Supplemental Draft Thread: Grips, R.Payton, Lost

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    Default Supplemental Draft Thread: Grips, R.Payton, Lost

    Rules for this are the same as we've always done. Three rounds, you drop one guy and pick another guy up. You can pass picks, and you can pick up guys that have been dropped by other people.

    Those of you guys with the first picks if you want to make picks tomorrow I won't stop you, but I'm not going to get after people to pick until Monday.

    Any other questions let me know.

    Round 1
    1. Falcon: Add Evan Henderson (141), Drop Colin Shober
    2. Wiltz: Add Christian Boley (197), Drop Vincente Varela
    3. Dart: Add Jimmy Sheptock (174), Drop Eric Dunnet
    4. TLV: Add Jake Sueflohn (141), Drop Andrew Alton
    5. Mojo: Add Gabe Burak (165), Drop Jason Lara
    6. Zapp: Add Greg Zanetti (174), Drop Kyven Gadson
    7. Trusty: Add David Habat (149), Drop Pat Rollins
    8. Snackem: Add Brent Chriswell (197), Drop Joe Spisak
    9. Gofer: Add Jeremy Johnson (285), Drop Jason Chamberlain
    10. Dutch: Add Levi Mele (125), Drop Brian Stephens
    11. Jensen: Add Ian Miller (149), Drop Luke Macchiaroli
    12. Grips: Add Peter Sturgeon (285), Drop Mason Beckman
    13. R.Payton: Add Tyler Small (141), Drop Chase Nelson
    14. Lost: Add James Green (157), Drop Elijah Madison

    Round 2
    1. Lost: Add Boaz Bead (184), Drop Jedd Moore
    2. R.Payton: Add Stephen Monk (157), Drop Banga Tovuujav
    3. Grips: Add Michael Martinez (125), Drop Matt Fullowan
    4. Jensen: Add Jackson Morse (157), Drop Joe Stanzione
    5. Dutch: Add Nick Lester (149), Drop Jesse Dong
    6. Gofer: Add Zack Zehner (133), Drop Levi Wolfensperger
    7. Snackem: Add Mitchell Port (141), Drop Michael Salopek
    8. Trusty: Add Steven Keith (133), Drop Josh Kremeier
    9. Zapp: Add Peter Yates (165), Drop Mike Benefiel
    10. Mojo: Add Nick Soto (133), Drop Dallas Bailey
    11. TLV: Add Alec Ortiz (157), Drop Joe Langel
    12. Dart: Add Johnni Dijulius (125), Drop Sean Boyle
    13. Wiltz: Add Alfonso Hernandez (197), Drop Jerome Ward
    14. Falcon: Pass

    Round 3
    1. Falcon: Pass
    2. Wiltz: Add Luke Vaith (141), Drop Dylan Carew
    3. Dart: Pass
    4. TLV: Pass
    5. Mojo: Add Nikko Brown (197), Drop Hunter Meys
    6. Zapp: Add George Ivanov (157), Drop Corey Peltier
    7. Trusty: Add Justin Zeerip (174), Drop Colin Johnston
    8. Snackem: Pass
    9. Gofer: Add Savva Kostis (149), Drop Anthony Salupo
    10. Dutch: Add Joe Booth (165), Drop Zach Niebert
    11. Jensen: Add Mike Nevinger (141), Drop Mark Rappo
    12. Grips: Pass
    13. R.Payton:
    14. Lost: Add Josh Wilson (149), Drop Jordan Thome
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