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    Two big things going down this week.

    This is Reno week, then this is also the week where we'll have the Supplemental Draft. It'll probably look to start on either Sunday the 18th or Monday the 19th. I have a tournament this weekend so Monday is more likely.

    You will be able to use guys this week and still drop them during the supplemental if you want. You will not be able to use guys that you pick up during the Supplemental this week.

    125: Mark Rappo (Nothing)
    133: Devin Carter (Nothing)
    141: Michael Mangrum (Reno)
    149: Mario Mason (Nothing)
    157: Corey Mock (Nothing)
    165: Nick Sulzer (Drexel)
    174: Lee Munster (North Central)
    184: Chris Perry (Reno)
    197: Brent Haynes (Iowa State)
    285: Mike McMullan (North Central)
    Flex: Luke Macchiaroli's Back Up (Reno)
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