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Thread: Where we stand....

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Where you really did well was in absolutely murdering the Supplemental.
    this is very true
    Gold is an idiot.

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    It's ok....LoSt has never qualified for the tourney before. Trusty and I are the only ones with experience in that field.
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    Well, I do think I've geared for the regular season, but of my squad, I COULD have as many as four first-time All-Americans, showing that while I picked match heavy, I didn't just pick complete scrubs who had a weak schedule.

    125: Nicholson -- returning AA who seems to get zero respect from the folks on the boards.
    133: Grey -- stunk up the joint at 141, marginal at 133 ... still an AA contender.
    133: Hutter -- not having the season I'd have hoped. Had the ability to win a lot of matches and ODU was on a fantasy-friendly schedule.
    141: Williams -- homer pick completely, fantasy friendly schedule, good wins, modest on the bonus points. Could be a first time AA. Was a conference champ last year. Probably one of my better picks.
    141: Molinaro -- seemed to be a solid late round pick. Done nothing for me.
    149: Saddoris -- lots of wins, low AA possibility.
    149: Shanaman -- complete bust of a pick, dropped at Supplemental for Polkowske.
    149: Polkowske -- weak schedule, talented freshman, but seemed to get more of his points in the early season. UNC schedule not conducive for fantasy scoring.
    157: JPO - very solid pick overall despite the "fear" of being an Ivy schedule.
    165: Marable -- not worth of the top pick, that's for sure. No where near the amount of bonus wins he had last year.
    174: Letts -- if he wasn't redshirting, I think he'd give me more than enough points to have me either a few points ahead or behind of Lost. He picks up bonus big time.
    174: Rebertus -- was doing OK until injury. Might qualify and win a match ... not the best of fields at 174 this year.
    184: Kilgore -- great pick for me. Bonus points a lot, decent schedule. Should be an AA.
    184: John Barone -- strictly a "dual season" pick up. Kid beats up on the scrubs, gets a good win here and there, but I don't see him as an AA candidate. Served the purpose when Kilgore had a slow schedule week.
    197: Cayle Byers -- Kind of a homer pick, since they're in the CAA. Some quality wins, schedule was modest, gets some falls. Low AA candidate.
    197: Jon Oplinger -- weaker schedule, lots of bonus, lots of wins, busy schedule (duals mostly). Low AA candidate. Covered my bases in the CAA, since there are five good kids in the weight.
    285: Massey ... UGH. If you look at his falls last year, that's a nice pick. But as my only heavy, my first two picks (Marable and Massey) were busts in terms of points.

    I drafted for the season, but I see some of these guys as first-time AA's and getting me some "decent" points in the tournament.

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    My original draft:

    125: Nic Bedelyon
    Basically just went down the list til I found someone who looked moderately appealing, he was a late round pick. He had a very shaky early season and so I dropped him at the supplimental, and I really wish I hadnt. I can honestly say the one fantasy management decision I made that I really regret was dropping Bedeylon instead of Mustari.

    133: Andrew Hochstrasser
    I was hoping he would fly under the radar a bit what with the redshirt year and such but I knew he was going to be good from his scuffle results last year, he's been spectacular so far this season and I think he is about as good of a 6th round pick as you can ask for.

    141: Ken Hashimoto
    One of my super secret 141 picks that I was counting on picking up late. I did get him in the later rounds but unfportunately he went and got himself hurt so did absolutely nothing for me this season. I dropped him in the supplimental (he has since returned but has only marginal results)

    141: Alex Krom
    Another guy who started off the year unranked because he took a redshirt, JB always insists Krom is overrated but he was pretty highly ranked the year before and he had a damn close match with Rivera so I was expecting big things from him. Unfortunately while his results have been fairly solid he didnt really show up to any of the tournaments I started him for, so he wasnt a big scorer for me. He has since been traded to ISU

    141: Andrae Hernandez
    I was never really sold on this guy but for a 14th round pick I thought he was an absolute steal. A returning AA with a schedule as weaksauce as Indianas?!? Unfortunately he has been absolutely abysmal this year and has a losing record against d1 competition. He did however score me a fair amount of points when Indiana wrestled the local JV highschool teams, so I cant complain. He has since been traded to gofer

    149: Darrion Caldwell
    I got this guy like 7th round last year and when it came time for Keeper picks I knew I had a no-brainer here. Despite getting hurt and scoring mad bonus

    157: Johnny Bonilla Bowman
    This was kind of my "gamble" pick of the draft, JBB was someone I thought had a lot of upside and had the potential to have a breakout year. Unfortunately like Jones his early season results were less then impressive, so I traded him for Mustari. Of course since then he has been on an absolute tear... Although I do think he got hurt against Leen

    157: Gregor Gillespie
    This guy was actually a suggestion of Grips that I got when I was practically hallucinating on sleep deprivation and a wide variety of drugs, I thought it over and decided it was a solid pick.
    He has been amazing this year, he is undefeated and I believe he leads D1 in techfalls.

    165: Moza Fay
    A guy I was hoping to grab last year but didnt I liked this pick a lot because he gets a lot of falls and bonus points and was a returning AA. Unfortunately he missed a ton of matches in the early season due to the all-star and minor injuries. His results have been about what I would have expected but his lack of matches has hurt his production for me.

    174: Mike Miller
    One of my later round picks, I needed a 174 pounder and I went with a guy who had already made AA but wasnt really on many peoples radars. He's done about as well as I would have expected when I drafted him, not top top tier but definitely an AA contender.

    184: Josh Patterson
    Originally my backup for jones this guy is probably the steal of the draft at round 15...

    184: Vince Jones
    A talented guy who I thought had a lot of upside coming into this year, he also put up a lot of bonus points and pins and was a returning R12. Unfortunately his early season results werent quite as spectacular as I was hoping for and I ended up trading him for Ray J. (he has actually done quite well since I traded him)

    197: Luke Feist
    Well... I dont think I even need to get into this guy. I drafted him as a backup 174 for miller and somehow he ended up spending most of his time dinking around at heavyweight. He had a great Reno Tourney for me and then I dropped him

    197: Tyrel Todd
    Usually I keep a few of my early picks for B10 guys who I think are title contender material and other then that I try to stay away from the big conferences. (Last year I had 3 b10 guys who went 1, 1, 1 at b10s and 2, 1, 1 at nationals)
    Todd was my horse this year but unfortunately he blew his knee out early so Michigans weak schedule was further damaged by him missing a bunch of time.

    Since then he has come back and absolutely dominated and I think he is still a favorite to win B10s this year and place high in march.

    HVY: Justin Dobies
    My "Man Crush", I had this guy last year and his performance was excellent so I picked him up in one of the later rounds as my starting heavy. He didnt do quite as well as I hoped since he lost to most of the top guys he faced but he still was an amazing scorer and got me over 100 points during the regular season. I since traded him for Jake Patacsil.

    Round 1: Daniel Dennis
    Total stud and I still cant believe he got all the way up to me... Likely a national champion this year. I loved having him on the team but I really needed a 141 so I passed him off for gallick. If I had to pick between the two I would want dennis on my team for sure, but my team is definitely significantly stronger for having made the trade so I cannot complain

    Round 2: Konrad Dudziak
    Was looking like a dynomite pickup until he got hurt and missed most of the 2nd half of the season... Word is that he will be back for ACC's, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Round 3: Brandon Halsey
    A little bit flakey he has missed a few matches but he is ranked 7th in the country and his only loss is to chriswell. Scores a lot off falls and won the scuffle for me. He is definitely an AA contender
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    My draft.

    125: Charlie Falck: 3rd round pick, still on my team. Ranked 4th, but has missed some time due to injury (this is going to become a common occurence on this list).

    125: Brian Owen: 15th round pick. Traded him to Grips after he won the Body Bar (which turns out was his only useful week) for Quentin Wright.

    133: Daniel Dennis: Traded Gallick to Lost for him. Things have worked out pretty well so far.

    133: Joe Baker: 7th round pick. Been hurt nearly the entire year, would have been a major point scorer had he wrestled in at the Nittany Lion Open, Reno, and the Scuffle.

    141: Nick Gallick: 4th round pick. Traded him to Lost for Dennis. Was solid while I had him. Him getting knocked out of Midlands in the first or second round hurt.

    141: Mike Thorn: 14th round pick. He was my big sleeper. Turned out pretty well I'd say.

    149: Lance Palmer: 6th round pick. One of my steadiest performers. Can't complain about this pick at all.

    149: Mario Mason: 12th round pick. Redshirted.

    157: Mike Poeta: 2nd round pick. Injured until the new year and wound up not wrestling at Vegas or Midlands.

    165: Luke Manuel: 9th round pick. Kind of a disappointment in terms of fantasy production. Lost a lot of close matches.

    174: Michael Cannon: 10th round pick. Traded him to Gofer for Arnone. Thats one I'd like to have back.

    174: Mike Benefiel: 8th round pick. Thought I was the man when I snagged him in the 8th round, then he got kicked off the team and I didn't feel like the man anymore.

    184: Mike Pucillo: 1st round pick. My two original targets for my first picks were him and Borschel. Was hurt for Vegas and all other events for the first half of the year.

    184: Dorian Henderson: 13th round pick. Picked him as a back up, he's been of average value.

    197: Craig Brester: 5th round pick. My best wrestler over the course of the year.

    285: Ben Berhow: 11th round pick. Dropped him at the Supplemental in exchange for Lane who'd beaten him twice. Turns out I should have kept big B.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gripsnhips View Post
    It's ok....LoSt has never qualified for the tourney before. Trusty and I are the only ones with experience in that field.
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    Jensens is the only person who got two 12th round picks
    Gold is an idiot.

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    A lot of good it seems to have done me...
    RIP Jacob Schlottke - 1984-2011

    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    A lot of good it seems to have done me...
    Hey, if it makes you feel better Im rooting against you here, because I dont want to run into your team at NCAAs.
    Gold is an idiot.

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