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Thread: Fantasy League Dicussion 11/18-11/24

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    Default Fantasy League Dicussion 11/18-11/24

    125-Morrison-Rutgers/Mizzou-both duals postponed
    133-Schopp-Harris Open-+6==6 (stuck Mitcheff -kent state)
    141-Bonson-Body Bar-+5,+6,+3,+3=17
    149-Parks -postponed All-star classic-+4==4
    157-Fleming-Lehigh/Ill-+6,+5=11 Fleming stuck Morse !
    165-Bekzod-same-+4,+3=7 Bek knocked off Hatchett !
    184-Swartz-Oregon State-+4==4
    197-Powless-IU Quad----+6,+6,+6=18
    285-Williamson-Navy Classic-DNC
    Flex-Young -Navy Classic-+6,+3,+3=12-1st place

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