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Thread: Fantasy League Dicussion: 11/11-11/17

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    Well I thought 107 was respectable so, YES, I'd say 133 is more than respectable.
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    Micah Burak and my Iowa/Minny guys are killing me already.
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    Not the best first two weeks for zapp...

    Ramos loses his wrestleoff to Clark
    Kelly Loses a wrestleoff at 157, no guarentee that he will make it down to 149 or be the starter if he does
    Peltier loses his wrestleoff and may be taking a backseat to Sheptock
    Benefiel out for at least the semester, possibly for good
    Gadson's health questionable, has yet to compete
    Burak MIA, did not compete this week
    Gold is an idiot.

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