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    This is still a work in progress, but I figured I'll open up sign ups now. I'm going to be running this league, any others that want to adept the format that I set up here you're more than welcome to.

    1. This is going to be a 14 team league. We'll do a standard reverse snake draft, a date, and order is to be determined.

    2. You'll start 11 guys every week, 1 guy each 125-285, then one flex guy from whatever weight you want. Teams will be comprised of fifteen wrestlers, so you'll have four guys on your bench to insert as necessary

    3. Scoring will be the same all the time. Your guy wins a decision, thats three points, your guy gets a major, thats four points, and so on and so forth. If your guy knocks off a #1 ranked USA Today/Intermat ranked wrestler then you'll pick up a three point bonus on top of that for that match.

    Come playoff time, as it'll only apply then, you'll get five bonus points for having a Conference Champion. Then for the two guys in the final, they'll get as many as an eight point bonus for each All American they have.

    4. In terms of what events will count, all duals will count. As will the Kaufman Brand, Vegas, Reno, Midlands, and Southern Scuffle tournaments during the regular season, and then conferences and NCAA's will count as well.

    5. This is going to be a roto league, it isn't going to be head to head each week. What I mean by this, is that you won't be having week long "duals" with each other.

    I'm thinking that I'll separate the league into two, seven team divisions for the regular season. Then when Conferences comes around I'll seed the top two teams from each division into a four team playoff. Conference tournaments will eliminate two teams, then the two winning teams from that week will compete during NCAA's to determine the winner.

    6. Trades are allowed, and encouraged. As of right now, I'm not planning on making Free Agency an option though, this means you need to be careful when you draft. To deal with problems that may arise however, over the Winter Break when teams aren't competing we'll have an optional supplemental draft where you can drop guys who are injured, have moved up, or just haven't performed, and then draft guys who have come out of no where.

    Edit: Injuries: If you have a guy who has established himself as the guy at that weight on his team and he gets hurt, I'll use Reiter last year as an example, I've decided that you won't be left with nothing until the supplemental. You'll get the guy who fills the line up spot for them. So last year had we done a league, the guy who got Reiter would have gotten Thorn, and only Thorn. All other alterations will have to wait until the supplemental.

    Weight/Beat out: With this, you have a guy who moves up in weight after the draft, or gets beat out of the line up, then you'd better have drafted another guy at that weight, or else that spot in your line up will be empty until the supplemental draft. Examples this year, most specifically just platooning, for the Gophers you take one of their 165's, 174's, or 285's, you may want to consider getting the other one as well, same for Iowa's 133.

    7. I'd personally prefer if we make this a money league, just something real nominal like $10, but just enough to make sure people pay attention to their teams. What I would do, was just set up a Paypal account for the league, and then whoever wound up winning, I'd give them the details of the account to do what they liked with it. Naturally the winner would also come up with a sig that the losers would all have to wear for a month.

    I'll leave it up to the people who sign up though, when you sign up make sure you note yay, or nay for making it a money league.

    Edit: Due to a majority of votes, this is going to be a money league. The entry fee will be $10 as mentioned above to be deposited into a Paypal Account.

    7. Any questions, or feedback about the rules, toss it out there, as I said at the top this thing is, and will likely continue to be until we get to the draft a work in progress.

    1. JensenS
    2. Goferphan
    3. Trusty
    4. Schlottke
    5. Avallone
    6. Eazee
    7. LostNumber
    8. ISU2008
    9. Wiltz
    10. Wrastler118
    11. Grips
    12. TLV
    13. Stiffy
    14. Mojo

    15. Caravan Wrestling

    FYI: I'm not putting Gofer in the league already just because he's my boy. He, along with Schlottke helped me write up the rules. The supplemental draft is his baby, so if you hate it, call him an idiot, not me.
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