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    Fantasy League Jensen Big Board (blatantly stolen from Gold's League)

    Said I'd get this out tonight and here it is. Order was put together using the random number generator at

    1. FalconWrestling
    2. Gofer
    3. Grips
    4. TLV
    5. Jensen
    6. R.Payton
    7. Snackem
    8. Trusty
    9. Zapp
    10. Dart
    11. Wiltz
    12. Lost
    13. Dutch
    14. Mojo

    I'm going to be very busy this weekend and next Monday as well, so it looks like for the first time we may actually get this league started when we claim to.

    I'll send out a mass text tomorrow letting everyone know this information so that no one is blind sided when they see that we're starting on Tuesday.
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