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    I know I haven't finalized the rules thread yet, but the rules relating to keeping people aren't going to change so I figured I'd get this going tonight and then finish the full rules thread tomorrow.

    1. You can keep one guy.

    2. That one guy needs to have ended last season on your team.

    3. If that guy was drafted last year in rounds 1-10 he'll count as your first round pick, same as we've always done.

    4. If that guy was drafted in rounds 11-15 or in either supplemental (for convenience supplemental picks will all count as 15th rounders) you'll be able to keep that guy two rounds up from where he was drafted last year.

    Ineligible to be Kept
    1. Cam Simaz

    1. Jensen: Devin Carter (P)
    2. Dutch: Kellen Russell (R)
    3. R.Payton: Jon Morrison (P)
    4. Wiltz: Matt McDonough (R)
    5. Zapp: Tony Ramos (P)
    6. Dart: Quentin Wright (R)
    7. Trusty: Montell Marion (P)
    8. Lost: David Taylor (R)
    9. Snackem: Robert Hamlin (P)
    10. Mojo: Cayle Byers (R)

    Non Keeper
    1. FalconWrestlingKy
    2. Grips
    3. Gofer
    4. TLV

    For those returnees who are contemplating keeping people I've linked last year's draft results (to see if a guy was drafted in rounds 11-15) and last year's roster thread (to see who ended the season where) to help making decision making a little easier.
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