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Thread: Hashimoto is Back

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    Default Hashimoto is Back

    Got beat by Trent Washington 10-4 tonight.

    Too bad Lost dropped him in the supplemental or he could continue making lopsided trade offers that include him.

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    Default Re: Hashimoto is Back

    I'll offer you Mustari and Hashimoto for Brandon Precin.
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    Default Re: Hashimoto is Back

    If you were in my league I would still laugh you out of the building.
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    Default Re: Hashimoto is Back

    I listened to it on the radio last night; Washington dominated him.

    Interesting fact that UNI's announcer said last night about Washington: He's 6-5 after last night's match. He has beaten Tanelli (beat him last year too), but four of his five losses have been to Tsirtsis, Jaggers, Russell, and Nauman.

    He was an early pick of mine to AA. We'll see...
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    Default Re: Hashimoto is Back

    Washington looked solid in his match against Jaggers at National Duals.

    He got an early TD and was leading 3-2 in the third but Jaggers took a shot, created a scramble, converted the TD then rode out for the win.

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    Default Re: Hashimoto is Back

    Washington is good, he was my 1st round supplimental pick last year but he got hurt after wrestling like 2 matches and was done for the rest of the year.

    I gotta say I'm liking my Dan Dennis pickup this year over my previous 133 pound choice
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