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Thread: Trade Notification/Possibly

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    Jensens has me picked to have 10 AA's in his midseason predictions, I dont think I'm being unreasonable about my expectations.

    Obviously anything can happen come NCAA's, but the fact that I set a Fantasy League record for scoring in Midlands/SCuffle I think shows my teams incredible tournament potential.

    Its possible I will have no champs but I should have at least 6 or 7 AA's if not more, and most of them will be high on the podium.
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    I got six AA's:

    Porter...does that make me a co-champ?
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    Moley will not AA

    You have 5 POTENTIAL AAs, assuming they all wrestle well.

    I have 10, 6 or 7 is assuming some guys have a bad tournament.

    Like I said at NCAAs anything can happen but I feel like my team is a clear favorite on paper. I dont have a single starter outside the top 20 and only one outside of the top 10.
    Gold is an idiot.

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