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Thread: Steals of the Draft

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    Default Steals of the Draft

    Thought I'd remake this topic now that we are halfway through the season and have had some more input to judge these guys on.

    The last few rounds look pretty barren to me, some quality guys but no one like a Nick Marable type.

    Tsirtsis in round 11 and Donahoe in round 10 seem like the clear #1/2 to me
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    Default Re: Steals of the Draft

    Guess we will know more as the season goes on. Have to agree though that those two look pretty good to me. We all knew they were available and someone had the cajones to draft them.

    If you think about it, there are 14 teams with 15 guys on a team. That makes 210 guys drafted not including the supplemental draft but since guys were thrown back, lets say its still 210 guys.

    If there are ten weights then that averages out to the Top 21 at each weight although we know they weren't evenly distributed. Pretty easy to tell based on when a guy was drafted and where he is ranked now how much of a steal he was.

    Lots of top tens guys were drafted after the 10th round but I don't have too many that come to mind. I feel pretty good about Grajales who is a Top 10 guy at 149, Moley who is a Top 10 guy, got Cannon in a trade for Sherfey I think, LeBlanc I picked up in the supplemental draft at 184, I got Logan Brown in the supplemental at 197.

    The rest of the guys have been pretty solid picks Ness #1, Askren #2, Precin #3, etc. Rader was a reach that I am pretty close to regretting especially because I kept him on my team after the supplemental draft. Jermail Porter was a good pick up I think as he is now a Top 8 guy at heavy. The only real disappointment for me so far has been Rader. The rest of my draft I still think was pretty solid.
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    Default Re: Steals of the Draft

    I made a few errors in drafting but I dropped/traded them for the most part.

    The one letdown I had is that I picked a trio of under the radar guys at 141 that I thought would come up big for me, and so far NONE of them have.

    Krom has missed every major tournament and lost to all the top guys he has faced, Hashimoto has yet to step on the mat this year, and Hernandez... well lets not even go their... 1-4 at major tournies is not a performance I would expect from a returning AA, ESPECIALLY one who has since moved up to a more comfortable weight.

    There is also the Todd injury that has thrown a wrench in my plans since he was my #2 pick and is only 6-4 for me on the year (counting his backups losses)
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    Default Re: Steals of the Draft

    Thorn in the 14th is my best thus far...he's not ranked as highly as Tsirtsis or Donahoe but I also got him later.

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    Default Re: Steals of the Draft

    Thorn was sweet, you got him in the same round I started looking for him. I remember talking to you about him. Mason should have worked out for you too but alas, we kept him in redshirt, that's too bad.
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    Default Re: Steals of the Draft

    THorn was the draft of the 14th round for sure, Patterson wins round 15 for me.

    Jantzen was 13th I believe but it has yet to be proven how consistent/active he will be given both his and Harvards history
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    Default Re: Steals of the Draft

    If you got Patterson that low that's not bad -I don't think he'll AA or anything .
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    Default Re: Steals of the Draft

    Tsirtsis is the man. And a couple guys thought I was borderline crazy for drafting him...
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    Default Re: Steals of the Draft

    I thought you were crazy for not getting LeClere in the next round when he was still on the board. But I thought it was a really solid pick.

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