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Thread: Zapp Brannigan Reviews the Draft Using his Expert 20/20 Hindsight

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    Default Zapp Brannigan Reviews the Draft Using his Expert 20/20 Hindsight


    Best Pick: Cam Simaz by Trusty-Amazingly there were no national champions kept by anyone. Of the rest, Simaz and Howe placed highest. Simaz was more consistent and scored more bonus points, while Howe was injured for most of the end of the season, and didn?t put up big enough scores.

    Biggest Bust: Tyler Graff by TLV-Nitpicking here, as all keepers placed top 5. Of the 4 wrestlers kept, though, Graff was easily the most disappointing from a fantasy standpoint. He struggled consistently to put up the same type of scores he had his first year, whether for injury, regression, or whatever. Still, he placed 5th, so it?s not like he was an immense fantasy bust or anything.

    Biggest Reach at the Time: None of these guys were really a reach as a keeper.

    Best of the Rest: Just wanted to get a mention in for Mack Lewnes. He had a good season, but disappointing based on expectations. He was


    Best Pick: Jordan Burroughs by Grips-Hard to beat a dominating undefeated national champion. Burroughs had a great season. He dominated everyone who stepped on the mat with him outside of Andrew Howe, and even then, he beat Howe comfortably. There was no wrestler more unstoppable from neutral than Burroughs. He put an exclamation point on his career, and he racked up fantasy points at an incredible rate. Not a ton of pins, but majors and techs were almost always a given.

    Biggest Bust: Kirk Smith by Mojo-A sad end to a proud career, Smith never recovered from injuries and never got on track. He was given a wild card to NCAA?s, and couldn?t compete. It?s a sad end, it truly is, but he can?t be labeled anything other than a fantasy bust. He didn?t even win his conference. He narrowly edged out Darrion Caldwell by MatEater, because at least had more bonus wins, won ACC?s, and competed in a match at NCAA?s.

    Biggest Reach at the Time: Darrion Caldwell by MatEater-I'm going to go a bit outside of the box here. Everyone knew about Caldwell's injuries, and we all knew how especially tricky shoulder injuries are for wrestlers. This was a high risk pick, and it didn't pay off.

    Best of the Rest: Dustin Kilgore by Gofer-I almost picked Dake, but even though Gofer picked Kilgore at a different weight than he competed, he had a superior season. He put up bigger bonus point total than Dake, and had 6 extra matches.


    Best Pick: Jordan Oliver by Gofer and Anthony Robles by Snackem-See Jordan Burroughs, although possibly even more dominant. Maybe. Both guys were bonus point machines and put up big points against the toughest competition available. I would have given Robles the edge for a tougher field and tougher Finals opponent and more matches wrestled, but I think Oliver deserved it. He was very valuable, and I thought he warranted a spot here.

    Biggest Bust: Tyler Nauman by MatEater-Not really a true ?bust,? but he wasn?t worth a second round pick. He only wrestled 30 matches, and he ?only? had 7 falls. He had a solid season, winning his conference, but he missed AA at NCAA?s, and he flat out just didn?t score enough to be worth a second round pick.
    Biggest Reach at the Time: Tyler Nauman by MatEater-Tyler Nauman wasn?t a true title contender in most people?s eyes, I don?t think, though I?d say he was a fringe contender. Still, you should be picking more solid shots in the second round. As you can see, MatEater was on quite a roll at this point.

    Best of the Rest: Kellen Russell by Dutch-Could have gone with Rey or Wright. However, Russell won his conference, which Rey didn?t, and Wright was a liability for half of the season, which has to count in an evaluation, even if he was a bigger point scorer when he won.


    Best Pick: David Taylor by Lost-Pretty easy pick here. The Magic Unicorn won all but one match, placed high at NCAA?s, put up more bonus points than anyone, and wrestled a bunch of matches. This is probably the #1 pick in Fantasy next year.

    Biggest Bust: Joe LeBlanc by Trusty-This is a pick by default. Nobody was really a bust here, but LeBlanc underperformed at NCAA?s. Still, not a true bust, but there were only 4 picks to choose from!

    Biggest Reach at the Time: David Taylor by Lost-Just because it paid off huge doesn?t change the facts. Taylor was an unproven freshman taken over several more experienced wrestlers. He had a nice RS season, but nothing mind-blowing. It ended up paying off huge, but this was a huge reach at the time.

    Best of the Rest: Lou Ruggirello by r.payton-It was him or Sanders. Sanders placed higher at NCAA?s, but throughout the season, Ruggirello just put up more fantasy points, and was therefore more valuable from a fantasy perspective.
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