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Discuss Brag About your new Team!!! at the Fantasy League Schlottke within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by Trusty 141: Krom/Hernandez Krom isnt the standout I hoped for and he's ...
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    Default Re: Brag About your new Team!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Trusty View Post
    141: Krom/Hernandez
    Krom isnt the standout I hoped for and he's had problems showing up to tournaments, with three guys drafted here I thought I'd be a lot stronger then I am, but I still think he could be an AA contender this year. Diaz is the only guy who can challenge him in the ACC and they will meet in a dual this year.

    Confrence 1st-2nd
    2-2 NCAA (but darkhorse AA potential)

    141: Hernandez
    He didnt exactly have a stellar vegas performance, but heck he was a 15th rounder and has gotten me 30 so far with 3 more matches this week. A former AA who I think overachieved that year he non-theless cant be counted out from a podium finish, especially they way things are looking at 141 this year.

    Confrences Mid level finish
    3-2 NCAA (Darkhorse AA potential)

    Too bad you down graded and let Kenny go, he's looking great and will walk through the WWC.
    yeah other then the fact that he has yet to step on a mat this year I agree with you...
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Default Re: Brag About your new Team!!!

    Mighty Gusto Grapplers (New Edition)
    125-Marcus Orozco-Univ. of California @ Davis
    133-Franklin Gomez-Michigan St.
    133-Justin Paulsen- Stanford Univ.
    133-Madrigal, Porfirio - Stanford Univ.
    141-Kellan Russell-Univ. of Michigan
    141-Marcus Hoen-Univ. of Missouri
    149-Torsten Gillespie- Edinboro
    157-Joey Knox-Univ. of Tennessee @ Chattanooga
    157-Cyler Sanderson-Iowa St.
    165-Jarrod King-Edinboro Univ.
    174-Steve Luke-Univ. of Michigan
    184-Rocco Caponi-Univ. of VA
    197-Jake Varner-Iowa St.
    Hwt-Mark Ellis-Univ. of Missouri
    Hwt-Eric Nye-Arizona St.
    Brother LoSt, My additions were primarily replacements to guys who were sketchy, such as Torsten Gillespie, who has been looking tougher of late, and Marcus Hoen, who scored big points for me at Binghamton duals as a back-up to ghost man Ashtin Primus.
    As it is now, I see us as having 3 strong possibilities for NCAA champs (Gomez, Luke, Varner) and 3 strong top 4 types (Russell, Sanderson and Ellis). Beyond that Caponi, Gillespie and Orozco are all round of 12 guys with possible AA ability. Not a bad crew.

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