Finishing things up in what has been another fun year doing this league, we have our first repeat champion as R.Payton turned in another dominant performance in winning both the regular season and here at NCAA's.

He had three of the top four scorers at the tournament this weekend including the top scorer Jordan Burroughs who recorded 26.5 points.

I've got to give props personally to Dutch who came in for his first year in the league and turned in just an overall consistent performance through out the year capped off by a consistent performance here at NCAA's where he finished 2nd.

Those of you guys who didn't make the playoffs but would still like to figure out your scores, team points by individual are available here.

1. R.Payton: 132.5
2. Dutch: 111
3. Gofer: 98
4. Wiltz: 86.5
5. Jensen: 64
6. Lost: 0 (Didn't post)

Lost if you want to tally your score yourself using the link in the top of the post, I'll change your score to whatever it was. But I'm not doing it myself.

To the rest of you guys, I want to try and do some fantasy stuff for some freestyle and greco events this spring (and eventually do one for Worlds next fall) so I'll be in touch through pm's.

If you guys can as well, check out this thread and let me have some feedback on the league this year.