125-Nicholson-Great draw to the quarters, already beat Sanders and then gets Robles. Don't like his chances since he hasn't wrestled him yet and I think guys need that experience to figure out how to wrestle him.

133-Grey-Awful seed! I hate hitting Carter in the second round and if you get past him you get Oliver. Chances to AA have gone down, but I think he will rise to the occasion!

141-Russell-Bailey in the quarters is a little worrisome and I think Marion awaits in the semi's. He has been a gamer all year, hopefully it holds true and he finishes the year undefeated

149-Green-Decent draw, like the style match-up with Parks, but I think he will win his first and have to battle through the consy's to AA. I'm glad he at least got seeded

157-Jenkins-Dong in the quarters could provide trouble, but I have to think he would rather be on the top side of the bracket than hit either Fittery or Taylor. I think he has a chance to get to the finals, or lose in the quarters and not place.

165-Caldwell-I think he has a great draw to the semi's and if Howe isn't 100%, maybe he gets to the finals. I like that he hopefully hits Bailey in the quarters, giving me an AA.

165-Flex-Bailey-Still trying to figure out how a guy seeded 5th in his conference of 5 teams gets the #6 seed, but I'll take it. Gillespie could give him problems in the 1st round, but I think he gets to the qtrs and hits Caldwell. Hopefully he wins 1 of the next two and AA's

174-Caruso-Tough 1st round draw, have to hope he pulls an upset or wrestles back tough

184-Ihnen-I like the Perry match-up in the 2nd round. After watching their Big 12 match, I think he has a good shot to beat him if he can finish a shot. All things considered, about as good as I could ask.

197-Brandvold-Great draw, look for a great match in the semi's with foster, barring upsets. I think he has a good chance to get ot the finals

Hwt-Wade-Really hurt himself with his Big 10 performance. I think he has an uphill battle to AA. Definitely can beat Nelson, but would have had an easier road if he made Big ten finals.

All in all I think I have a decent shot at 2-3 finalists and 6-8 AA's. I will be in the hunt for top 3.