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Thread: Supplemental Draft Thread: Stiffyx2 (If You Want Them)

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    Default Supplemental Draft Thread: Stiffyx2 (If You Want Them)

    Just a reminder about how this operates.

    3 rounds, you can use as many as all three, or if you're happy with your team you don't have to ditch anyone at all. The draft order will be generated after the conclusion of this week's competition. Last place guy gets first pick, and then it goes for three rounds in snake order.

    Come in, say who you're dropping and who you're taking.

    You can pick up a guy who is dropped during this by someone else.

    With the new back up rules in place as well as the fact that no one has established themselves as the clear #1 guy to get like Kellen Russell did I'm actually very interested to see how this winds up going down.

    Since this will start next Friday you obviously won't be able to use the guys you pick up in your 12/19-12/25 line ups.

    Round 1
    1. Stiffy Drops: Tony Pescaglia (125), Selects: Steve Brown (149)
    2. Wrastler Drops: Eric Medina (149), Selects: Kyle Terry (149)
    3. Eazee Drops: Dave Rella (174), Selects: Austin Trotman (174)
    4. TLV: Passes
    5. Grips Drops: Pat McCaffrey (125), Selects: Jarrod Garnett (125)
    6. Avallone Drops: Brian Shelton (133), Selects: Chris Notte (133)
    7. Gofer Drops: David Erwin (174), Selects: Joe LeBlanc (184)
    8. Jensen Drops: Mike Benefiel (174), Selects: Chris Diaz (141)
    9. Mojo Drops: Ashtin Primus (141), Selects: Marcus Hoehn (141)
    10. Wiltz Drops: Matt Casperman (197), Selects: Scott Sentes (125)
    11. ISU Drops: Zach Bailey (141), Selects: Mitch Monteiro (285)
    12. Lost Drops: Kenny Hashimoto (141), Selects: Daniel Dennis (133)
    13. Dart Drops: Max Shanaman (149), Selects: Mitchell Polkowske (149)
    14. Trusty Drops: Nick Smith (285), Selects: Tyler Nauman (141)

    Round 2

    1. Trusty Drops: Joe Caramanica (141), Selects: Dan Mitcheff (133)
    2. Dart Drops: Mike Letts (174), Selects: Luke Rebertus (174)
    3. Lost Drops: Luke Feist (197), Selects: Konrad Dudziak (285)
    4. ISU: Passes
    5. Wiltz Drops: Zack Giesen (184), Selects: Ryan Flores (285)
    6. Mojo Drops: Michael Chaires (165), Selects: Torsten Gillespie (149)
    7. Jensen Drops: Ben Berhow (285), Selects: Tucker Lane (285)
    8. Gofer Drops: Chance Litton (184), Selects: Peter Yates (149)
    9. Avallone Drops: Chris McNeil (184), Selects: Jared Shelton (184)
    10. Grips Drops: Justin Herbert (174), Selects: Justin Accordino (141)
    11. TLV: Passes
    12. Eazee: Passes
    13. Wrastler Drops: Brian Letters (165), Selects: Shane Onufer (174)
    14. Stiffy Drops: Dustin Schlatter (157), Selects: Matt Cathell (149)

    Round 3
    1. Stiffy Drops: Tristan Deshazer (133), Selects: Jimmy Conroy (133)
    2. Wrastler Drops: Trey McLean (285), Selects: Hadley Harrison (157)
    3. Eazee: Passes
    4. TLV: Passes
    5. Grips Drops: Mark Friend (165), Selects: Pat Bradshaw (197)
    6. Avallone Drops: Will Rowe (149), Selects: Jordan Oliver (133)
    7. Gofer Drops: Ben Kjar (125), Selects: Logan Brown (197)
    8. Jensen Drops: Mario Mason (149), Selects: Hunter Meys (174)
    9. Mojo Drops: David Jauregui (149), Selects: Porfirio Madrigal (133)
    10. Wiltz Drops: Steve Mytych (125), Selects: Chad Beatty (197)
    11. ISU: Passes
    12. Lost Drops: Nic Bedelyon (125), Selects:
    13. Dart: Passes
    14. Trusty Drops: Patrick Bond (197), Selects: Heinrich Barnes (149)
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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starts 12/19

    Everyone listed below is on a team and ineligible to be picked unless someone drops them.

    Anyone not listed here including the back ups of these guys that you may or may not have been using can be selected, so plan accordingly.

    Charlie Falck
    Marcus Orozco
    Nic Bedelyon
    Tony Mustari
    Steve Mytych
    Angel Escobedo
    Paul Donahoe
    Pat Mccaffrey
    Brian Owen
    James Nicholson
    Tyler Clark
    Brad Pataky
    Brandon Precin
    Ben Kjar
    Obe Blanc
    Troy Dolan
    Tony Pescaglia
    Nikko Triggas
    Zach Sanders
    Troy Nickerson
    Anthony Robles
    Rollie Peterkin

    Tyler Shinn
    Connor Beebe
    Steve Bell
    Jayson Ness
    Joe Baker
    Franklin Gomez
    Justin Paulsen
    Andrew Hochstrasser
    Jimmy Kennedy
    Joey Slaton
    Lou Ruggirello
    Kyle Hutter
    Brian Shelton
    Tristan Deshazer
    Reece Humphrey
    Kelly Kubec
    Jake Strayer
    Nick Fanthorpe

    Brandon Rader
    Pat McLemore
    Chris Drouin
    Zach Bailey
    Nick Gallick
    Mike Thorn
    Mike Grey
    Ryan Williams
    Frank Molinaro
    Chris Bencivenga
    Joe Caramanica
    Keith Sulzer
    Kenny Hashimoto
    Alex Krom
    Andrae Hernandez
    Ashton Primus
    Kellen Russell
    Jamal Parks
    Troy Tirapelle
    Corey Jantzen
    Alex Tsirtsis
    Zach Tanelli
    J. Jaggers
    Cody Cleveland

    Lance Palmer
    Mario Mason
    David Jauregui
    Darrion Caldwell
    Matt Kyler
    Mitch Mueller
    Brent Metcalf
    Max Shanaman
    Bryce Saddoris
    Will Rowe
    Cesar Grajales
    Mike Roberts
    Trevor Chinn
    Luke Silver
    Kyle Ruschell
    Eric Medina
    Jake Patacsil
    Bubba Jenkins

    Matt Coughlin
    Tyler Safratowich
    Jordan Leen
    Dustin Schlatter
    Jason Welch
    Newly McSpadden
    Matt Moley
    Jordan Burroughs
    Dan Vallimont
    JP O'Connor
    Johnny Bonilla-Bowman
    Kody Hamrah
    Scott Winston
    Matt Dragon
    Adam Hall
    Kurt Kinser
    Chase Pami
    Michael Chandler
    Gregor Gillespie
    Joey Knox
    Cyler Sanderson
    Mike Poeta

    Andrew Howe
    Roger Smith-Bergsrud
    Brian Letters
    Stephen Dwyer
    Jon Reader
    Mack Lewnes
    Luke Manuel
    Ryan Morningstar
    Jarrod King
    Michael Chaires
    Moza Fay
    Colt Sponseller
    Colby Covington
    Scott Glasser
    Tyler Sherfey
    Keegan Mueller
    Mark Friend
    Nick Marable
    Trevor Stewart
    Chris Brown
    Brandon Mason

    Chris Henrich
    Duke Burk
    John Dergo
    Raymond Jordan
    Dave Rella
    Nate Lee
    Michael Cannon
    David Erwin
    Steve Anceravage
    Mike Letts
    Alton Lucas
    Justin Herbert
    Kurt Swartz
    Brandon Browne
    Jay Borschel
    Mike Miller
    Steve Luke
    Quentin Wright
    Mike Benefiel
    Cody Hill

    Sonny Yohn
    Kurt Brenner
    Kyle Bressler
    AJ Kissel
    Doug Umbehauer
    Mike Pucillo
    Dorian Henderson
    Rocco Caponi
    Chris Honeycutt
    Vince Jones
    Josh Patterson
    Phil Keddy
    Zack Geisen
    Kirk Smith
    Louis Caputo
    John Barone
    Dustin Kilgore
    Jake Herbert
    Jerome Ward
    David Craig
    Chris McNeil
    Joe Budi
    Chance Litton

    Jesse Strawn
    Ryland Geiger
    Chad Hanke
    Eric Lapotsky
    Dallas Herbst
    Clayton Foster
    Hudson Taylor
    Brent Chriswell
    Dennis Drury
    Max Askren
    Andrew Anderson
    Cayle Byers
    Jon Oplinger
    Cody Gardner
    Patrick Bond
    Brent Jones
    Richard Starks
    Matt Casperman
    Tyrel Todd
    Luke Feist
    Jake Varner
    Craig Brester
    Josh Arnone

    Ben Berhow
    Mark Ellis
    Clayton Jack
    Eric Nye
    Justin Dobies
    Dan Erekson
    Zack Sheaffer
    Nick Smith
    Zack Hammond
    Kyle Massey
    Trey McLean
    Joe Fendone
    Jarod Trice
    Scott Steele
    David Zabriskie
    John Wise
    Rashard Goff
    Jermail Porter
    Jared Rosholt

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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starts 12/19

    I believe that Mr. Adam Frey was made the #1 overall pick, I do not see him on the list but I believe that we all know that he is still on the list...
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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starts 12/19

    As happy as I am to be doing well so far this year, its going to make it tough for this supplimental. Im actually sort of hoping wiltz takes over the #3 spot so I get a bump.

    I have about 5 or 6 picks outlined so far and I'll be lucky if more then one of them makes it to me I think
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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starts 12/19

    Actually, I'm happy with my team.......if they'd just all get on the mat and wrestle. May drop Dergo and Geiger though.

    Sanders 15-1 with 10 for extra points
    Humphrey 11-0 with 5 falls
    Tanelli 7-2
    Ruschell 9-3
    Patacsil 14-2
    Safe 13-4
    Coughlin 7-1 with 3 falls
    Smith-bergsrud 7-0
    Howe 6-2
    Dergo 0-0
    KIssel 10-3 with 9 falls!!!
    Yohn 3-2
    Herbst 4-1 with 3 falls
    Geiger RS
    Steele 9-1
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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starts 12/19

    Yeah, I mean I can't imagine why you would keep Dergo and Geiger if they aren't wrestling.

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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starts 12/19

    I am going to get all six of your guys in the first round LoSt. I have spoken with Jensens and he has allowed me to make trades during the supplemental draft in order to make six first round picks.

    He said it was just because I am a good guy.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starts 12/19

    Yo, Bossman............Dergo is back with a vengence!! Maybe I'll keep him!!!
    The Art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.

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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starts 12/19

    suggestion for next year: you should be able to trade guys for supplemental draft picks.

    For instance:

    Jensen wants Alton Lucas from me.....Jensen doesn't have any of the weights I need, but I foresee the need for 4 supp draft picks instead of 3. Jensen could take Lucas, and drop a guy of his choice......then I would get one of Jensen's supp draft picks (1st, 2nd or 3rd round pick could be negotiated). Could be interesting.
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