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Thread: Fantasy Duals!

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    brown has already lost to the guy who will be my next pick hopefully..
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    yeah, i looked at him too but ultimately liked Brown's schedule more.
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    To be honest I want him more as insurance in case todd doesnt come back strong then I do because of the points he's scoring me in the regular season.

    Bedelyon likely wasnt going to be getting a ton of matches since I got mustari so I wont be losing out dropping him, and this way I have a confrence champ at 197 and someone who has an outside shot at aaing
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    You do know that LeBlanc beat Vince Jones, right?

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    I thought about picking up Fagiano, but he's gotta beat Byers in conferences. Don't like those odds. Oplinger too, but I think he's hurt.
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    oplinger is already on a team.

    I watched that match Jones looked like crap he is much better then that when he is on, plus its not like he even lost decisively.

    Jones is like JBB he came on really strong at the end of last year
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    Grips claims that his team can still beat mine in a dual so I'm going to post the most recent lineups for us

    125: #18 Mustari vs #13 Garnett - Garnnet dec (higher ranked) 0-3
    133: #4 Hochstrasser vs. #10 Ruggerello - Hoch dec 3-3
    141: #2 Gallick vs UR Accordino - Gallick Dec 6-3
    149: #3 Caldwell vs. #1 Metcalf - Metcalf TECH (Happened) 6-8
    157: #1 Gillespie vs #13 Dragon/whoever - GG Major 10-8
    165: #2 Fay vs #17 Mueller - Fay dec 13-8
    174: #6 Jordan vs. #11 Lucas - Jordan dec 16-8
    184: #10 Patterson vs. #7 Caputo 16-11
    197: #8 Hasley vs. UR Bradshaw - Hasley dec 19-11
    HVY: #5 Dudziak vs. #13 Hammond - Dudz dec (Hammond is hurt you are lucky if this isnt a major over his backup) 22-11

    I take back my claim that you would only win 2 matches, I forgot you picked up Garnett in the suplimental. There is really no reason to favor him over Mustari but he is higher ranked so I gave it to him under my rules.

    What do you guys think? I dont think he even has a prayer personally. The most likely upset here is Mustari over Garnet, Ill grant that Rugg over Hoch is possible but so is Patterson over Caputo.
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