Brother Commish, Your wisdom is needed~~~~

Suppose I have a guy on Fantasy Team "A" who suffers an injury at the Scuffle, that seems serious, but by next week, said injury is much better and the coach announces at press time announces that Team "A" wrestler will suit up in the Va. Duals, but they will be making a "mat-time" decision.

Now, Team "A" has a fairly tough wrester in the weight class below my guy. This wrestler however, is on fantasy team "B". Fantasy team "B", but is being placed on the bench for the ucoming//current week. So, say the coach of Fantasy wrestler "A", to the surprise of all, decides at mat-time to holld Fantasy wrestler "A" back due to his injury, instead, to the surprise of all, bumping wrester "B" up into "A's" spot. B gets a fall and all is well for that team.
My question is: Do I ,as coach of Fantasy wrester "A" get the points scored by fantasy wrestler "B" for that match? Wrester B is the legit back-up to A for this match, Even though A is on someone elses team.

The wrestlers in question are Ryan Patrovich (starting my team) and Gillespie (riding the bench on Brother Snackem's team) last week.
I await your sage wisdom.