Not that I have a great team to begin with and not that I can remember half of the guys on my team anymore but I didn't see this kind of meltdown happening for my team this week.

1. Bedelyon-probably places top four at Scuffle but no-shows.
2. Bonanno, respectful 18 points but nothing special.
3. Oliver-probably Midlands finalist but no shows
4. Drouin-not a bad performance, but nothing special.
5. Lopouchanski-6 decisions, 5th place, nothing special.
6. Lester-so now he probably loses his spot at 157 to Nelson?
7. Miller-no shows at Midlands
8. Glasser-loses first round, comes back for 3rd, probably my weeks highlight with 30 points
9. Smith-injured, no shows.
10. Geisen-no shows.
11. Nelson-not too bad, like how he pinned his way to third in finals against Wise who he earlier lost too.

I am thinking with Bedelyon, Oliver, Miller, Smith and Geisen I lose about 100-130 points. Nice!