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    All are fine.

    I'll update the roster page once I get the last five supplemental picks done.

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    A thankless task Brother Commish, A thankless task. Just want you to know that we all appreciate it immensly and know that our Autumn and Winter would be rather bleak and dreary were it not for your work. I found this poem and it reminded me of you Brother Jensen:
    Being Cool
    A cool man or woman does not bend easily to outside interference.
    Cool people do not give in to peer pressure or create that same pressure to the people around them.
    Cool people have a way of handling certain problems in their lives which make it seem effortless. They rarely “Fly off the handle”. They rarely get upset or show strong negative emotions towards others.
    Just the word “cool” assumes a relaxed attitude, not too hot…but not too cold.

    Amy Waterman On Greatness: Attract The Best By Being The Best

    Thanks for being cool Brother J.

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    And thank you sir for making a valuable contribution to the type of environment that makes it remarkably easy for me to maintain my cool.

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