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Thread: Fantasy League Discussion: 12/5-12/11

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    Default Fantasy League Discussion: 12/5-12/11

    Line ups and discussion. Las Vegas and Penn State Open tournaments are being scored this week along with duals.

    125: Charlie Falck (Iowa State, UNI)
    133: Joe Baker (Penn State Open)
    141: Nick Gallick (Iowa)
    149: Lance Palmer (Vegas)
    157: Mike Poeta (Vegas)
    165: Luke Manuel (Vegas)
    174: Quentin Wright (Penn State Open)
    184: Mike Pucillo (Vegas)
    197: Craig Brester (Vegas)
    285: Ben Berhow (Vegas)
    Flex: Mike Thorn (Vegas)

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 12/5-12/11

    Wow! You're full of piss and vinegar!! Unlike you, i actually have to do some thinking about this week. My Minny guys are in Vegas but I have to check out the others.
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 12/5-12/11

    125 Sanders Vegas
    133 Humphre Vegas
    141 Tanelli Vegas
    149 Ruschell Vegas
    157 Safe Vegas
    165 Smith-bergrud Vegas
    174 Dergo Vegas
    184 Yohn Vegas
    197 Herbst Vegas
    285 Steele NIttany lion Open(this counts, right????)
    Flex Howe Vegas

    I think that i"ll kick some butt this weekend
    The Art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 12/5-12/11

    Man I always think my lineup looks good until I see everyone elses...

    125: Mustari - 0
    Oklahoma State
    L to Blanc

    133: Hochstrasser - 23
    12/5-6 Cliff Keen
    MD +4, WBF +6, Dec +3, Dec +3, L, +5 bonus

    141: Krom
    PSU Open
    Didnt show...

    149: Caldwell - 33
    12/5-6 Cliff Keen
    TF +5, WBF +6, Dec +3, Dec +3, WBF +6, +10 Bonus

    157: GG - 13
    12/6 PSAC
    TF +5
    TF +5
    Dec +3

    165: Moza Fay - 3
    12/11 Iowa
    Dec +3

    174: Mike Miller

    184: Vince Jones - 15
    12/5-6 Cliff Keen
    L..., WBF +6, Dec +3, WBF +6, L..
    Damn. Not a great performance from my #1 starter at 184

    197: Tyrel Todd - 9
    12/5-6 Cliff Keen
    Dec +3, WBF +6,

    HVY: Dobies N/A

    FLEX: Patterson -38
    PSU Open
    WBF +6
    WBF +6
    WBF +6
    TF +5
    WBF +6
    Dec +3
    WBF +6

    Final decision: Krom in at 141, hernandez out, patterson flex.

    132 Jones bombing out is one thing, but todd getting hurt could be a disaster...

    THrow in the likely 10-20 points he would have gotten me and im probably in the hunt for first or at least top four, but now my week will be only average and if he is hurt badly my team might be screwed.
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 12/5-12/11

    Jensens could concievably have AA's at every weight except heavy this year! but I dont think he will make it to the finals
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 12/5-12/11

    Given the wild card spots that we've introduced this year if my guys are healthy I should make the final week even if I'm not in the top 4.

    My line up for this week would be my line up if conferences were this week and as you noted 7 of those guys are already All Americans.

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 12/5-12/11

    Wow, my week sucks and Jensens and TLV are looking like Einstein's for their Wisconsin/Minnesota drafts. I am not even going to put my team out there until I get more WVU information. My understanding is that Rader is not coming back until January Litton may be redshirting hence they won't be at Vegas. Ouch.

    Is it possible for someone to crack the 200 point barrier this week with Vegas being a bonus tourney? Gofer says yes.
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 12/5-12/11

    125: James Nicholson ()
    133: Kyle Hutter ()
    141: Mike Grey (Las Vegas)
    149: Bryce Saddoris (Las Vegas)
    157: J.P. O'Connor (Las Vegas)
    165: Nick Marable ()
    174: Mike Letts (Penn State Open)
    184: John Barone (Penn State Open)
    197: Cayle Byers (Penn State Open)
    285: Kyle Massey (Las Vegas)
    Flex: Frank Molinaro (Penn State Open)

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 12/5-12/11

    The Fratmen

    125: Brad Pataky, Penn State
    ----- Penn State Open
    133: Steve Bell, Maryland
    ----- Penn State Open
    141: Chris Drouin, Arizona State
    ----- Vegas
    149: Trevor Chinn, Lehigh
    ----- Vegas
    157: Jordan Burroughs
    ----- Vegas
    165: Trevor Stewart, CMU
    ----- None
    174: Steve Anceravage, Cornell
    ----- Vegas
    184: Jerome Ward, Iowa State
    ----- Iowa
    197: Andrew Anderson
    ----- UNI Open (NS)
    ----- Iowa
    285: Rashard Goff, Cleveland State
    ----- Penn State Open
    Flex: Dan Vallimont, Penn State
    ----- Penn State Open
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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