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Thread: Supplemental Draft Thread: Lost

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    Default Supplemental Draft Thread: Lost

    Its that time of the year again. Just a few quick reminders.

    This will be three rounds, you don't have to use all three picks, you can pick up someone who has been dropped by someone else, you can trade draft picks up until the draft starts.

    I'll fill the draft order in after I calculate the standings for this current week.

    As for when exactly the draft will start I'm not quite sure yet. I've got a tournament this Friday and Saturday so I'll be unable to run things on those days, so we may just wind up pushing things back to Sunday or Monday.

    Round 1
    1. Mojo Drops: Ryan Loder (184), Selects: Jesse Dong (157)
    2. MatEater Drops: Colin Johnston (133), Selects: Tony Ramos (133)
    3. TLV Drops: Alec Ortiz (157), Selects: Kevin Steinhaus (184)
    4. Gofer Drops: Dan White (133), Selects: Tony Nelson (285)
    5. Snackem Drops: Matt Wilps (197), Selects: Robert Hamlin (184)
    6. Trusty Drops: Kurt Swartz (165), Selects: Ryan DesRoches (165)
    7. Wiltz Drops: Michael Martinez (133), Selects: Flint Ray (133)
    8. Dutch Drops: Te Edwards (165), Selects: Dallas Bailey (165)
    9. Grips Drops: Logan Stieber (125), Selects: Jon Morrison (125)
    10. Zapp Drops: Lee Munster (184), Selects: Alan Waters (125)
    11. Dart Drops: John Nicholson (157), Selects: Walter Peppelman (157)
    12. Jensen Drops: Josh Roosa (149), Selects: Garrett Frey (125)
    13. Lost Drops: Ben Clymer (184), Selects: BJ Futrell (133)
    14. R.Payton Drops: Brandon Rader (149) , Selects: Zack Kemmerer (141)

    Round 2
    1. R.Payton Drops: Anwar Goeres (141), Selects: Bekzod Aburakhmanov (165) (TRADED TO MOJO)
    2. Lost Drops: Ryan LeBlanc (165), Selects: Andrew Long (133)
    3. Jensen Drops: Steven Keith (125), Selects: Max Thomusseit (184)
    4. Dart Drops: Pass, Selects: Pass
    5. Zapp Drops: Erik Schuth (197), Selects: Brad Pataky (125)
    6. Grips Drops: Matt Epperly (165), Selects: Vince Salminen (157)
    7. Dutch Drops: Ben Ashmore (133), Selects: Daryl Cocozzo (157)
    8. Wiltz Drops: Bagna Tovuujav (184), Selects: Bryan Deutsch (157)
    9. Trusty Drops: Jarrion Beets (174), Selects: Ben Apland (285)
    10. Snackem Drops: Mallie Shuster (157), Selects: Riley Orozco (197)
    11. Gofer Drops: Ben Berhow (285), Selects: Matt Lester (157)
    12. TLV Drops: Pass, Selects: Pass
    13. MatEater Drops: Dylan Alton (149), Selects: Matt Cathell (157)
    14. Mojo Drops: Brad Darrington (184), Selects: Ryan Patrovich (174)

    Round 3
    1. Mojo Drops: Donnie Jones (165), Selects: Nate Carr Jr. (149)
    2. MatEater Drops: Eric Grajales (133), Selects: John Trumbetti (133)
    3. TLV Drops: Pass, Selects: Pass
    4. Gofer Drops: Scott Giffin (174), Selects: Jake Swartz (174)
    5. Snackem Drops: RJ Pena (149), Selects: Scott Sakaguchi (149)
    6. Trusty Drops: David Cheza (157), Selects: Matt Mariacher (141)
    7. Wiltz Drops: Dylan Carew (149), Selects: Vicente Varela (141)
    8. Dutch Drops: Pass , Selects: Pass
    9. Grips Drops: Sean Bilodeau (157), Selects: Dan Rinaldi (184)
    10. Zapp Drops: Pass, Selects: Pass
    11. Dart Drops: Pass, Selects: Pass
    12. Jensen Drops: Thomas Scotton (165), Selects: Kyle Blevins (165)
    13. Lost Drops: Ricky Alcala (285), Selects: Matt Bonson (141)
    14. R.Payton Drops: Jordan Keller (133), Selects: Todd Schavrien (141)
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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starting This Weekend

    The following wrestlers are on teams and are ineligible to be drafted unless dropped by someone else

    Jason Lara
    Steven Keith
    Matt McDonough
    Derek Reber
    Logan Stieber
    Jarrod Garnett
    Anthony Zanetta
    Frank Perrelli
    James Nicholson
    Matt Snyder
    Anthony Robles
    Joseph Langel
    Eric Dunnett
    Nic Bedelyon
    Steve Bonanno
    Zach Sanders
    Ben Kjar
    Kyle Waldo
    Ryan Mango
    Jarrod Patterson
    Cashe Quiroga

    Eric Morrill
    Lou Ruggirello
    Filip Novachkov
    Tyler Graff
    Jordan Oliver
    Dan White
    Kyle Hutter
    Andrew Hochstrasser
    Fred Santaite
    Mike Grey
    Ben Ashmore
    Colin Johnston
    Nate Moore
    Kelly Kubec
    Jordan Keller
    Rollie Peterkin
    Michael Martinez
    Scott Sentes
    Devin Carter

    Germane Lindsey
    Jimmy Kennedy
    Cody Cleveland
    Andrew Alton
    Cole Von Ohlen
    Boris Novachkov
    Montell Marion
    Tyler Nauman
    Dylan Alton
    Kellen Russell
    Michael Mangrum
    Chris Diaz
    Nick Nelson
    Mike Thorn
    Zach Bailey
    Anwar Goeres
    Chris Drouin
    Chris Villalonga

    Kevin LeValley
    Desi Green
    Kurt Kinser
    Justin Gaethje
    Donnie Vinson
    Cole Schmitt
    Justin Accordino
    Torsten Gillespie
    Ivan Lopouchanski
    Brian Stephens
    Ganbayar Sanjaa
    RJ Pena
    Andrew Nadhir
    Brandon Rader
    Nick Stabile
    Corey Jantzen
    Eric Grajales
    Kyle Dake
    Frank Molinaro
    Jamal Parks
    Darrion Caldwell
    Mario Mason
    Danny Zilverburg
    Jason Chamberlain
    Dylan Carew
    Josh Roosa

    Steve Fittery
    James Fleming
    Jason Welch
    Sean Bilodeau
    Justin Lister
    Derek St. John
    Peter Yates
    Bubba Jenkins
    Adam Hall
    Mallie Shuster
    Neil Erisman
    John Nicholson
    Colton Salazar
    Colt Sponseller
    Jake Deitchler
    Alec Ortiz
    Shane Onufer
    Albert White
    Bryce Saddoris
    David Cheza
    Paul Young
    Kyle John
    David Taylor
    Jesse Dong

    Scott Winston
    Ryan LeBlanc
    Jordan Burroughs
    Kurt Swartz
    Cody Yohn
    Mike Miller
    Josh Asper
    Jedd Moore
    PJ Gillespie
    Zach Toal
    Te Edwards
    Andrew Howe
    Alex Meade
    Brandon Hatchett
    Donnie Jones
    Conrad Polz
    Matt Epperly
    Joe Booth
    Jake Kemerer
    Justin Kerber
    Thomas Scotton

    Ethen Lofthouse
    Ben Bennett
    Mike Letts
    Austin Meys
    Brad Darrington
    Jon Reader
    Jordan Blanton
    Ethan Headlee
    Tyler Caldwell
    Alex Caruso
    Colby Covington
    Mike Benefiel
    Chris Henrich
    Scott Giffin
    Scott Glasser
    Ben Jordan
    Luke Manuel
    Jarrion Beets
    Nick Amuchastegui
    Mack Lewnes
    Ed Ruth

    AJ Kissel
    Ben Clymer
    Nate Schiedel
    Josh Ihnen
    Joe LeBlanc
    Tommy Spellman
    Travis Rutt
    Kirk Smith
    Quentin Wright
    Austin Trotman
    Steve Bosak
    Corey Peltier
    Tony Dallago
    Grant Gambrall
    Lee Munster
    Luke Rebertus
    Chris Perry
    Andrew Saunders
    Bagna Tovuujav
    Chris Honeycutt
    Jon Fausey

    Sonny Yohn
    Mike Salopek
    Brent Haynes
    Zac Thoumsseit
    Dustin Kilgore
    Cayle Byers
    Erik Schuth
    Luke Lofthouse
    Clayton Foster
    Trevor Brandvold
    Matt Wilps
    Joe Kennedy
    Micah Burak
    Anthony Biondo
    Zack Giesen
    Matt Powless
    Cam Simaz
    Dan Mitchell
    Jerome Ward
    Logan Brown

    Ryan Flores
    Ricky Alcala
    Tucker Lane
    Jarod Trice
    Alan Gelogaev
    Eric Bugenhagen
    Ben Berhow
    Brendan Barlow
    Blake Rasing
    Cam Wade
    Ryan Tomei
    David Marone
    Dom Bradley
    Clayton Jack
    DJ Russo
    Nathan Fernandez
    Christian Brantley
    Zach Rey
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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starting This Weekend

    I will be at the Beast of the East this weekend, so I don't know how much availability I will have

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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starting This Weekend

    We probably aren't going to start until Monday, honestly.

    In fact I think I'll go ahead and make it official.

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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starting 12/20

    I will officially be on an airplane on Tuesday heading to Minnesota from Florida (bright huh?). Hopefully I don't hold things up but once I hit the airport I may have a pick in hand to try to give to the commish.
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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starting 12/20

    Since the draft begins on Monday -how could you hold things up by being on a plane Tuesday ?

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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starting 12/20

    You obviously dont know this group very well Russ
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Starting 12/20

    Order is posted. Draft will officially begin on Monday.

    Those of you with higher picks if you'd like to send me who you're dropping and who you want so you don't have to worry about things at least for Round 1 feel free to do so.

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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft Thread: Draft Order Posted (Starting 12/20)

    This might be a stupid question; why are we waiting until Monday if we know the order now?
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