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Thread: Fantasy League Discussion: 12/17-12/23

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    Default Fantasy League Discussion: 12/17-12/23

    Reno this week. This week is also going to be when the supplemental draft occurs.

    I'll start a thread with more specific information over the next couple of days, but as always you can put someone in your line up for this week drop them in the supplemental and still get points.

    Wrestlers picked up in the supplemental draft won't be eligible until the following week though.

    125: Jason Lara (Air Force)
    133: Devin Carter (Nothing)
    141: Germane Lindsey (Reno)
    149: Jamal Parks (Nothing)
    157: Steve Fittery (Old Dominion)
    165: Thomas Scotton (Reno)
    174: Ethen Lofthouse (Nothing)
    184: Jon Fausey (Campbell)
    197: Michael Salopek (Campbell)
    285: Zach Rey (Nothing)
    Flex: James Fleming (Edinboro)
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