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    I just found out that my 2nd string 165lber Michael Chaires from UVA is going to red shirt this season. This is after he wrestled under the UVA team name @ the EMU and MSU tourneys. I think he may have wrestled one dual at the Big 10 v.ACC duals, but not sure on that one. Anyway, what do we do about redshirts on our rosters? It doesnt seem fair to continue to use his "back-up", although I did this week before I learned of his status. I guess the correct thing to do is just vacate the spot until the supplemental draft, but I wanted to check and see if there are any more specific rules dealing with this situation.

    I probably could have just asked this question in a PM to the Commish, but I imagine that a few other owners are running into the same situation right about now, so it may be worth some discussion. Thanks in advance for whatever clarification can be offered.

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    I think you can use whoever is going to wrestle at that weight, just not in tournaments. I think the rule was if your guy sits out for whatever reason, you can use his backup. Too lazy too look up the original post but that's what I'm thinking.
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    that pretty much sums it up. Back-ups = duals only
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    Yeah, and given that he's already competed this year you'll be good to go with his back up.

    Had he not wrestled at all I might have had some problems with giving him to you, but you're good to go as is right now.

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    The back-up however obviously can't have been already drafted.
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