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Thread: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/21-11/27

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/21-11/27

    GUSTO GRAPPLERS 11/21 – 11/27

    125-Marcus Orozco - UC Davis vs. Northwestern (11/23) Orozco (UCD) lbdec 0-5 Precin (Nwestern) Total for Week +0 [/B]

    133-Justin Paulsen (or back-up)- Stanford vs. Cal Fullerton (11/21) Dillashaw (F) dec. Porfirio Madrigal (S), 7-2; Cal Baptist(11/21) Madrigal (S)Wby Fall Collins (CBU); 4:56 (+6) ;
    Fullerton Open (11/23) (Justin Paulsen 4-1, 3rd place): tech. fall Avila (Mt. San Antonio), 18-3 (+5); tech. fall Villaescusa (Embry-Riddle), 17-2(+5) ; lost to No. 18 Dillashaw (CS Fullerton) [COLOR="darkred"](+0), [/COLOR]11-5; pinned Arredondo (UC Davis) 0:46 (+6), ; maj. dec. Villaescusa (Embry-Riddle), 14-4(+4) .;
    Menlo(11/26) San Francisco State (11/26)

    141-Kellan Russell-Univ. of Michigan vs. Lehigh (11/21): Russell 7 vs. Ciasulli 5 (+3) UPenn (11/22) Russell lbFall Rappo: Total for Week +3

    149-David Jauregui-West VA vs. Navy Classic (11/22);Sprawl ‘n Brawl (11/23) West Va. vs Coumbia
    Jauregui WbDec Dunn (C)11-7; W. Va. v. N. Carolina Jauregui WbDec Stabile 7-5
    Total for Week +6

    (Flex) -Joey Knox-Univ. of Tenn @ Chatt vs. Nebraska (11/21) Knox LbMaj Burroughs 17-4 (+0); K-B Open (11/22) Knox wbd Perkins (Ind) 11-6; Knox wbMaj. Rickert (Minn)16-3; Knox wbd Reiner (UNI) 6-5;(K-B Semis) Knox lbdec D.Schlatter(Minn) 4-6; Knox wbd Safratowitz (Minn) 6-4 tb2; Knox wbdec Deutsch (NIU) 10-6 [Knox 3rd] K-BO= 3,4,3,0,3,3 (Total for Week +15)

    157-Cyler Sanderson-Iowa St. vs. Wisconsin (11/21) Sanderson ISU WBD Ben Jordan Wi 6-1 (+3) vs. ASU (11/23)(Backup for Dual) Nate Carr Jr. wbdec. Jarrad Trulson (ASU)10-3 (+3).
    *All-Star Meet (11/24)

    165-Jarod King-Edinboro Univ. vs. Sprawl ‘n Brawl (11/23) King (E) dec Friend (PSU) 8-5 (+3)
    King (E) def T. Sherfey (BSU) 6-5 (+3) #6 King (EU) fall over Hakeman (UI), 3:41(+6)
    Total for Week +12

    Luke-Univ. of Michigan vs. Lehigh (11/21) Luke 6 vs. Caruso 3 (+3)
    UPenn (11/22) Luke 20 vs. Beaver 7 (+4)*All-Star Meet (11/24)

    184-Rocco Caponi-Univ. of VA vs. Sprawl ‘n Brawl (11/23) Caponi (V) dec Bomberger (PSU) (+3)

    197-Jake Varner-Iowa St. vs. Wisconsin (11/21) Varner ISU WBD Herbst Wi 4-0 (+3) ASU (11/23) (BackUp for Dual) Joe Curran (ISU) dec. Thor More (ASU), 8-3 ) (+3)
    *All-Star Meet (11/24)

    Hwt-Mark Ellis (or Backup) -Univ. of Missouri vs. Hofstra (11/22)Bradley MissU WBDEC 4 - 2 Enck Hofstra Total for Week +3
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/21-11/27

    MOJO, Madrigal will be going this week for Stanford at 133.
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    Stanford line-up for the week.

    Wt. N Name Year R R Record
    125 Matt Sencenbaugh FR 1-3
    133 Porfirio Madrigal SO 4-1
    141 Cameron Teitelman RS SO 3-2
    149 Max Rosefigura SO 3-1
    157 Lucas Espericueta RS SO 1-1
    165 Nick Amuchastegui RS FR 1-1
    174 Victor Haug FR 3-1
    184 Kyle Barrett SO 0-1
    197 Jake Johnson JR 4-1
    HWT Luke Feist RS SR 0-0
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    So are you saying that since LoSt is starting Feist at 197 that he will not be able to get his points at heavy and he also can not call his points for his back-up at 197 anymore.
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    No I will be flexing feist and Jensens just told me that I am allowed to use his backups points at 197 as long as he doesnt wrestle heavy.

    He is only going to wrestle heavy if the dual is on the line because they have no other options at that weight and they have people that can go 197. Otherwise he's not going to wrestle at all.
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/21-11/27

    Okay, fair enough. So if he wrestles heavy, all those points come off the board?
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/21-11/27

    Seems a little squirrelly to me. You draft a guy at 174 he hasn't wrestled at all and you are trying to get a back-up at a weight where he might end up(197). They have him listed this week at heavy weight. I know Standford has like 5 duals this week plus the Fullerton open. But this is a bit ridiculous. I bet they forfeit hwt all week and no one wrestles hwt at the Fullerton open. which you can't use back-up points for anyway.
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/21-11/27

    no but if he wrestles heavy I cant score his backups points for that match. He is a 197 pounder not a heavy.

    Think of it like when ASkren bumped up to wrestle kish the other year. someone wouldnt have been able to score pells points for that match they would have to have taken askrens. But that doesnt change the fact that askren is a 174 pounder, and if he didnt wrestle you'd be scoring backup points for 174.

    Yes feist hasnt started at 197 this year but Wiltz has spoken DIRECTLY to the coach of stanford who has said that feist is a 197 pounder this year.
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/21-11/27

    Well wiltz Im getting my info from you, is he a 197 pounder? I talked to Jensens and he said I can do this, I guess you can take it up with him if you want. I'm just trying to make the best of a less then optimal situation
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