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Discuss Vince Jones at the Fantasy League Schlottke within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Loses in wrestleoffs to fellow Junior levi wofford 10-4 So much for my 5th round ...
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    Default Vince Jones

    Loses in wrestleoffs to fellow Junior levi wofford 10-4
    So much for my 5th round pick

    luckily our fantasy rules mean I'll get whoever starts this year, or I would be in a pickle
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    Default Re: Vince Jones

    No one has Wofford, so you'll be good to go with using his points in place of Jones during duals.

    Just as a reminder though, you won't get his points for tournaments.

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    Default Re: Vince Jones

    Yeah, I have the same problem with my Missu HWTs. I drafted #4 ranked Mark Ellis, but I had been hearing rumors about how he and Dom Bradley were neck and neck in the room. Sure enough, Bradley wins the wrestle-off! Luckily no one else picked him up, so, as the commish said to Brother LoSt, I get to use Bradley during duals, but not for tourneys, unless Ellis can come back (2-3,2OT loss in the black & gold meet) and win his spot!

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    Default Re: Vince Jones

    Thats crazy about both Vince Jones AND Mark Ellis. Wow, these guys are ranked at their weights. Bummer for you guys but if they are in fact taking Jones and Ellis out then they should still get you some nice dual points here and there.
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