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Thread: Tournaments That Get Scored

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    I'll think about it.

    Like I said though, everyone had the opportunity to try and take advantage of the scaled down version of the Kauffman Brand to try and pick up points.
    Well I have no problem with scoring it this year since it was set in the rules and we knew about it before hand. But for next year I would vote that we take away the bonus unless we see teams like okie state coming again, because that gives it a disproportionate amount of weight compared to other preseason tournies.

    Also we should look at adding the brockport next year

    We have a long time to figure it out just my thoughts. Probably we should see how well the 10/5 system works for the big tournies before we decide anything anyway.
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    We'll definitely be adding Brockport.

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