Right well I officially have the last pick of the draft because Jensens got impatient and skipped me, Im pretty sure Im trading out the default pick he gave me so I have one left.

Im looking at the guys left and who would really fill in wholes in my team and none of them have stood out so far.

So I'll take this opportunity to basically offer my draft pick up for trade if someone has someone that they wish they had on their team now but forgot to pick.

One name I'll shop around there is andrae hernandez since somehow no one managed to pick him... He's moving up to 141 this year from everything i've heard and he's a returning AA with a panzypants schedule indiana style (d3 and juco).

He's such a good pick I'm considering taking him and having 3 141 pounders, which would open up hashimoto for trade since I know others expressed interest in him also.

My biggest need is probably a solid backup 125 pounder, but 197 and 285 are also areas where I am in need of a 2nd man.