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Thread: List of The Weeks! (Im nice)

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    I'm looking at schedules right now, and I may have to take what I said above back.

    For some reason I remember last year there being a week basically with no competition that we squeezed the supplemental in during.

    We'll see, but it looks like the 19th-25th will be a week.

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    there was no competition that I can recall last year, but I know for sure that one or two of my guys have matches right before Christmas this year.

    I noticed it because it was an oddity
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    It shouldnt be a problem really we just do the draft in the remaining four days of the week, no one has matches directly before or after christmas. Its only 3 rounds so it wont take as long as this one we just did, plus not everyone uses them all. So even with people busy with holiday cheer it isnt really a stretch
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