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Thread: 2010/2011 Fantasy League: Keeper/Non-Keeper (Mojo)

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    Default 2010/2011 Fantasy League: Keeper/Non-Keeper (Mojo)

    Those of you guys who are returning from last year, let me know in this thread whether you're keeping a guy and if you are who you're hanging on to.

    Please make sure to reference the rules thread to make sure you know the effect that keeping someone will have on your draft position.

    Kept Last Year (Can't Keep)
    Zach Sanders
    Jordan Burroughs

    1. Dutch
    2. Snackem
    3. Jensen
    4. Zapp
    5. MatEater
    6. Wiltz
    7. Dart
    8. Gofer
    9. Grips
    10. Mojo

    1. Tyler Graff (TLV)
    2. Andrew Howe (R.Payton)
    3. Cam Simaz (Trusty)
    4. Mack Lewnes (Lost)
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