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    I've asked for feedback about what tournaments to score and not to score in the rules rough draft thread, but the request is kind of buried.

    Here is what I'm thinking for right now...

    Definitely scored
    Kauffman Brand, Vegas (Bonus), Reno (Bonus), Midlands (Bonus), Scuffle (Bonus), PSU Open, Body Bar, Brockport

    Maybe scored
    MSU Open, NC State Open, Navy Classic, EMU Open, Binghamton Open, Missouri Open, PSACS

    Hokie Open, NY Interscholastics

    As of right now if nothing changes we'll score all of these. If there is a tournament here that you don't think should be scored let me know. If you think there is a tournament we should add (All Academy, New York Interscholastics, etc...) let me know.

    We will not score every tournament. Just throwing this out there now.
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