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    Not going to be quite as verbose as Gold was in his thread, but thank you all again for sticking with things through out this long season.

    Its been fun as it has been every year so far, I hope that you all managed to enjoy yourselves and that I'll see you back here next year.

    R.Payton capped his year of dominating the league off by taking things home without any trouble at NCAA's, he was also the regular season champion. He got a 5 point bonus from Ness' OW and he may be entitled to 5 more if Ness wins the Hodge tomorrow.

    That 5 point bonus for OW and subsequent 5 point bonus for his Hodge makes Ness the high scorer of the weekend with 33 points

    1. R.Payton: 159
    2. Lost: 104.5
    3. Trusty: 94.5
    4. Dart: 56
    5. Wiltz: 47
    6. Grips: 45.5

    In the realm of "who cares" news I wound up with 87 which would have put me in 4th.

    One final request for you guys before you check out until next year, please visit the thread that I've linked to below and leave feedback about things you liked this year and things that you would like changed for next year.
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