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    I need to do this just to keep my team straight now. I am losing my mind.
    The Boondock Saints
    National Ranking/Conference Ranking
    125 #9 Chris Notte (2nd Big XII)
    133 #12 Mike Grey (1st EIWA)
    141 #3 Zach Bailey (1st Big XII)
    149 #6 Jason Chamberlain (1st Pac 10)
    157 #6 Cyler Sanderson (2nd Big X)
    165 #13 Shane Onufer (1st WWC)
    174 #4 Stephen Dwyer (1st Big XII)
    184 #8 Mike Pucillo (3rd Big X)
    197 #8 Anthony Biondo (4th Big X)
    Hwt #2 Nate Everhart (1st Big X)

    125 #15 Patterson (3rd Big XII)
    149 UR John Burns (UR ACC)
    157 UR Mallie Shuster (3rd MAC)
    174 UR Jake Young (2nd SoCon)
    197 #17 Brent Jones (2nd ACC)
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