Hey Brothers, I was sitting here 1st basking in the after glow of my son going 11 and 1 and taking a silver medal in a huge national youth dual tourney this weekend, and then having that nice feeling obliterated (almost) after reading the news about Cal Bakersfield. Then this thought came to me: What if we could pick 2 or 3 guys from D2 and/or D3 in the draft next year? One of the best things about the fantasy league is that it pushes/forces us to study a much broader spectrum of college wrestling, instead of just our 1 or 2 favorite teams and maybe their rivals and conference foes.

I can tell you for sure that since we started this most excellent diversion, I know alot more about teams and individuals around the country than I did before, even having been an assistant coach on two D1 schools. Adding D2/D3 into the mix would help us to be even more knowleable. Just trying to follow Brother Stiffy's season has helped me to know more about some D2 teams that I had not heard of before. Not suggesting that we open up the Draft to selecting as many lower division schools as we would want, that would create some major hassles, like tournament selection and such. But we could utilize D2 conferences and Nationals like we use conference tournys now. What do you [open-minded ] brothers think?