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Thread: Two Trades: Jensen & Gofer, Jensen & TLV

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    Hanke should be a pac 10 finalist -he and Orozco-what ever happened to Casperson while he RS'd took away from his wrestling skills -the Cal Poly kid majored him and Kerr wanted Orozco to cut him for a major instead of an 8-2 win . Plus Hanke finished 2nd in Greco to Geiger at 211 -after the top 3 at 197 it is wide open .Kennedy beat Simaz and Lapotsky and he was unrated at the time .Powless just beat the #9 guy last night -Brandvold hung on against Yohn -just a real balanced weight class -that stiff you said Jones lost to was #17 2 weeks ago and has a 19-4 record .

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    Yeah, I did some research on Lamar Brown. He's actually pretty good. He's also built like a brick shithouse.

    That said, your posts make me dizzy. I have to lay down now
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Gofer can tell you that originally I didn't want to include the 174's in the deal, I initially tried to get Kerber for Shuster straight up.

    He smartly (given that he was in the position of power, and given that I was making out better in that initial deal) resisted so in order to achieve my end goal of getting a 165 since with Schlatter going down I now didn't have one I had to add the 174's in.

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