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    Man... if I had Jordan Burroughs right now...

    Gold is an idiot.

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    No doubt, he'd be an unstoppable force for you.
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    I see Budi and Hanke as finalists -you pretty much own the CAA at 165-184 -if Josh can hold his mud at 74 you have the CAA champion at 65 and 74 and Budi could well beat clymer -Hanke and Orozco out west-Dong was a great pick up for Conferences as was Sorenson . Russo was an excellent choice aND YOU TOOK HIM ONE PICK BEFORE ME -he beats Steele or Rey and he's a finalist -Mason -don't know what to say about him -but he is your only non finalist conference wise .
    I wish you'd have made some more trades with me -they would have been mutually beneficial -so Gallick is hurt -you have him backed up well-of course you might as well put everyone's name in a hat at 141 in the pac 10.

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    I think grips has less then a 50% chance of making it. His conf team is pretty solid, but there are a lot of guys in contention for the wildcard who have great lineups
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Accepted and updated.

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