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    Burroughs. I basically got effed over hardcore here, but I still think I have a top 4 team even with my #1 guy going down.

    He is likely done for the season but if he is done he will likely get a medshirt and be back next year as the #1 or #2 overall pick. So for those who dont have a great keeper option this would be a really good pickup for next year.

    There is also always the outside chance that he pulls a Tyrell Todd and shows up in January or February with a giant Brace on his Knee.

    I'm not going to ask a lot for him... basically any decent backup would be acceptable.
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    I was talking to him on FBook and he said it counts for a medshirt

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    (See Glasser, Rader and C.P. Schlatter for coming back from bad knee injuries)
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    Its going to take quite the offer for me to approve a trade (especially a 1 for 1) involving a guy who is done for the year being the primary piece.

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    Burroughs is not available as a keeper next year, he was my keeper this year, unless that rule changed.
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    That is a reasonable point too.

    While I may not have explicitly explained it the way I had planned on interpreting the keeper rules is that if a guy is kept one year he can not be kept (by anyone) the following year.

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    A speed merchant like Buroughs is going to lose his edge after knee surgery. You are never the same physically nor mentally after surgery. He may be an AA next year, but I have my doubts that he can reach the same level as last year. Too bad, because he was a blast to watch.
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