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    Sunny Day! trade

    R.Payton trades Seth Ciasulli and a second round Supplemental to Gopherfan for Askren ,184 , Mizzou .

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    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    how many times has Payton had askren now? lol
    I wish I could kick Matt Dragon in the balls. In his Dragonballz.

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    thats fucking absurd... and you guys are criticizing my trades???

    Thats straight up passing guys to Payton
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Can you even legally trade Askren?? You just traded for him a week or two ago
    Gold is an idiot.

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    I disagree Lost and I will tell you why. #1, I made a trade and didn't try to make it stick at midnight on a Thursday night and try to sneak them in to my line-up. #2 I had my line-up in on time which both you and ISU did not do. #3 Askren is #1 yes, he has also wrestled a total of 2 matches. He has Midlands (extremely competitive) and then he has National Duals which he MAY get three matches. After that he has a total of 8 duals. Granted he may be the conference champ but if he gets a bye first round, then decision, decision and bonus, he ends up with 16 points.

    I have a big hole at 141 and Ciasulli really has only to get by Dake to win that conference. If he makes the finals in EIWA's, he will outscore Askren.

    Then consider that I get Payton's second round supplemental which is really the #15 or #16 overall pick. Now I have patched a hole at 141 and I have the #1/#2 supplemental and the #15/#16 supplemental pick. Where as I am still trying to figure out why ISU would have made that trade with you.

    I also believe that after watching Ward beat Keddy, that he catches lightning in a bottle and gets in the finals with Askren. He can score as many points as Askren in the conference week if he has a match the first found. By the time this week is up and we have to put line-ups together again, it will have been over 3 weeks. Is that enough reason for you or do you need some more?
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    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    There are at least four worthy picks at 141 in the supplimental that are as good or better then Ciasulli, and as you have mentioned, you already have the #1/#2 supplemental picks.

    Furthermore this is clearly you and payton collaborating together, as essentially you have traded him Ness + Craig for Ciasulli, Mike Grey, and a 2nd round supplimental.

    Even if it weren't absurdly unbalanced you can't make this trade anyway because of our tradeback rules. You just traded for Askren like two weeks ago

    Thats all I'll say on this... I'll let Jensens deal with this travesty when he gets back
    Gold is an idiot.

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    If its illegal because of the time frame then we will just forward date it two weeks. I never really considered giving Askren back when I acquired him, I was unaware he was going to skip the Nittany Lion Open and now after reading he is a little banged up, I need bodies in my line-up LoSt. Why do you think there is an angle to everything? You don't think Ciasulli and a shot at a #15 pick that could be a good wrestler at 125, 141, 165 or heavy is a smart trade, that's fine but I know my team and it needs some shoring up. Askren is a short time liability and no guarantee in the long run. If you have a problem specifically with the timing because it has only been two weeks, I can understand that. I wasn't even aware of it so the trade will be post dated to 21 days after the original trade. Whats the difference between me getting Payton's 1st round pick (#13, #14) or his second round pick (#15, #16). If I know Jensens, he will see the sense in the trade as its brutally obvious I have to make a run at the conference week and not the regular season. As I see it my big holes now are 125 and 165. I can certainly address those now with some depth at heavyweight and a couple of early draft picks. Be gone with your conspiracy theories. I have offered trades to no less than 6 people this week and listed those guys for trade in a forum. If you didn't see fit to make an offer, don't cry now.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Ciasulli is 5-3 and at best #2 in the EIWA, and Lehigh has a weak schedule. How is he even an upgrade over Washington?? That is my question.

    If you were legitimately filling a 141 hole and you Hadn't JUST gotten Askren from Payton then I probably wouldn't have an issue. But are you really trying to tell me that trading a #1 guy for a #15 isn't a little fishy?

    If you move this trade up two weeks its past the supplimental, so it'd be even more ridiculously bad for you.
    Gold is an idiot.

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