Putting this here so it doesn't get lost in the thread and so that everyone can see my line of reasoning.

I'm approving the trade, starting next week 12/11-12/17.

When I got on the board this morning like I usually do I was in a rush, all I did was run in make the post in the Vegas thread asking for someone to post updates through out the day and then duck out. I'm not in college anymore so I'm not able to be on here as much or as often as I've been the past two years, and I just missed it.

I had also mentioned to Lost that I would need some time to think about whether I would approve this deal when he'd mentioned his intention of trying to do it especially if it wound up being for the initial package that he said he'd proposed (basically the same thing I think minus Humphrey). Now that I've thought about it, and heard from ISU I guess I'm as good with it as I'm going to be. I wouldn't have done the deal in a million years were I in ISU's shoes, but he's getting quality wrestlers in return and it is his team not mine, so he gets to make the decisions.

The fact of the matter is that no one in this league has thrown down there own money to play so it isn't like this deal is going to cost anyone anything concrete.

All of us had the same opportunities that Lost did to offer a trade like this. Now its our duty as owners to find a way to beat him ourselves, or to stack someone else's team enough at the end of the season to where they beat him.

So again, the trade goes through...for next week and this is my 100% final ruling. We have rules, and the rules state that all line ups for the current week have to be in and approved before competition gets started. That didn't happen in this instance.