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    Gage is offering Kyle Terry for Max Askren. What do you guys think?

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    I think I wait to see what Dad says...

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    I don't think we need to wait. I don't even know who that is...LOL.

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    Whoops, sorry Gage, on paper thats a fair trade since they are both #5's but I think I will hold on to Mr. Askren. Thanks though.

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    lollll.....gage almost wamboozled you gofer
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    Well I wasn't going to take it. I thought Kyle Terry was like #25 or UR but I guess he was #5. I kept asking him who had as a #2 or around there. I am trying to teach the young man a little about trades but I know nothing gets passed dad so if we ever get something close, I call the old man in.

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    Gage offered me Terry and Moley - for Metcalf and O'conner .-about a 100 times.

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    And he's certain that if he messages me unuf with offers, I'm gonna give up Graff. Persistent 11 year old, isn't he???
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    I think he's younger than 11...I think his older brother is 11. I think Gage is like 8.

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