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    Still dangling NCAA Heavyweight Champ Ellis out there to someone with a need at heavyweight. With his returning status as heavyweight and his 2-0 win over Bradley, I am thinking barring injury, it might take more than a simple decision to get Bradley in the starting line-up at this point. I am preferably looking for a Top 5 at 125, 165, LeBlanc or 197. I will consider a multi-wrestler trade at those weights where I have (according to, both #11 Triggas and #17 Gitomer at 125, #10 Galante at 165, #10 Craig and #13 Ward at 184 and #7 Beatty at 197 if that helps out. All REASONABLE trades will be considered.
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    hahahah. I would have jumped at it if i was in your league...
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    I think if I had wanted to join a fantasy league to draft players and then sit tight all year I would have joined fantasy football. Come on you guys!

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